Compilation of the enterprise standard for threaded fas…

An engine is a product imported from the United Kingdom and manufactured by China. The structure is complex, the parts are numerous, and the process requirements are strict. The total number of single engine parts is more than 30,000 pieces, of which the total number of standard parts is 5,300, acc ----more

Common fire-fighting equipment and methods of use

Fire blanket Fire blankets are mainly made of fire-retardant fiber fabrics that have been processed by a special process to prevent combustion or segregate combustion. The use of the fire blanket is: In the early stage of the fire, the fire blanket shall be directly covered with fire or fire. Use ----more

What plastic products are used in furniture and interio…

1. Characteristics and uses of plastics There are many kinds of plastics and different functions. There are plastic products everywhere in our lives. At present, the application range of plastics is still expanding, and many new plastic products have been developed and ----more

Announcement of the 2017 Specialized Recruitment Confer…

Abstract In order to provide employers and students to discuss a communication platform, do the work of graduate employment, Henan College of Industrial Technology University developed in May 9, 2017 session of 2017 held abrasives, superhard materials graduates Session Job Fair & 2015... ----more

How much do you know about machine tool CNC basics?

1. CNC machine tools and CNC systems The meaning of CNC is computer numerical control. 1, CNC machine tools (1), metal cutting Hole machining, tapping, boring, milling, turning, thread cutting, cutting plane, contour machining, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, ----more

What are the requirements for robot cables?

What are the requirements for robot cables? The cable used by the robot is very demanding. It not only has a strong signal transmission capability, but also has good wear resistance characteristics to ensure that the robot can play a better role. I. Strong signal capability The work of the robo ----more

Central South Diamond: The exciting movement of technol…

Abstract Zhongbing Red Arrow Zhongnan Diamond Company General Manager, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li Yushun Yin Jiaxu Chairman "Spring, Innovation is at the Time" and Chen Jianhua Chairman "Innovative Spring" two articles have been published, the repercussions ----more