The effect of keel spacing on keel

The keel is mainly a kind of material used to support the shape and fixed structure in home decoration. Keel is the skeleton and base material for home decoration and it is very common. The most common are the ceiling keels and the keel of the wooden floor. The common material for floor keels is d ----more

Industrial Plug Type Industrial Plug Features

Industrial plugs are plugs that are used in industry and are generally used with industrial sockets. There are many places where it is applicable. Industrial plugs and sockets are used for all kinds of mechanical equipment, measuring instruments, power distribution equipment, transportation equipm ----more

Japan started to develop a low-NOx hydrogen gas turbine

Hundreds of MW Hydrogen Burning Gas Turbine Burners NEDO announced on July 5th, 2016 that it has begun to develop basic technologies for low-NOx dry-type gas turbine combustors without reducing the efficiency of power generation. The target is after 2030. To achieve practical l ----more

How to calculate the price of renovated house hydropowe…

The renovation of a house is a relatively onerous task. Among them, the renovation and reconstruction project focuses on the transformation of hydropower. It is necessary to consider the details in order to achieve the goal of renovation and reconstruction at a time. Then, what are the steps for r ----more

Test method for splitting tensile strength of permeable…

Splitting tensile strength tester for permeable paving bricks, splitting tensile strength table for permeable paving bricks, splitting tensile strength testing machine for permeable paving bricks Equipment selection: 1. Hydraulic pressure testing machine The relative error of the indication val ----more

Bedding ranking

When we are busy at home for a day, the most enjoyable thing is to lie on a soft bed, take a good night's sleep, let the tired body rest and relax, and comfortable bedding to ensure good sleep quality. The key factor. Below, go will introduce you to the bedding r ----more

Super material produced by 3D printing technology is ab…

Whether in the construction industry, aerospace industry or the electronics industry, choosing materials is a difficult task. The existing materials have some limitations, resulting in compromises for design and manufacturing. However, the situation is changi ----more