Introduce the five precautions for elevator monitoring …

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Elevator monitoring and installation is not a simple matter. The video surveillance images of many projects are subject to different degrees of interference in the elevator shaft environment. This has always been one of the most common, most d ----more

The Chinese New Year's Eve makes home decoration mo…

The Tanabata is coming. To say the most warm home furnishings is of course the non-flowers. All sweet festivals are full of flowers. How many ways to spend on home decoration? Take a look at some of the recommended floral accessories for Tanabata. Tanabata Home Decoration Part1: Frame Photo Frame ----more

50 small-sized kitchen renovation experience summary re…

I said that it is difficult to buy a lot of money, I know that I often hear someone who has finished the decoration and complained: I knew what I should be doing at the beginning... In fact, it was because you didn’t do your homework before the renovation! So today, Xiaobian will share ----more

How to prevent rust from stainless steel screws

In daily life, stainless steel screws are common fasteners. During use, rust is a common phenomenon and it is also a trouble for us. This will not only affect the aesthetics, but also affect the performance of stainless steel screws. . Therefore, we must pay attention to the ----more

Which kind of camera captures the red light

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Two questions for everyone to introduce one, which camera captures the red light; Second, the camera captures the principle of red light. Which kind of camera captures the red light Each location is set differently. Some places have special ----more

-4 to -20 degrees lock bacteria refrigerator

4 degrees to -20 degrees with lock bacteria refrigerator microcomputer control, digital temperature display, the temperature inside the box is adjustable, precise temperature control. [-4 to -20 degrees with lock bacteria refrigerator performance introduction] @ High accuracy: Microcomputer prec ----more

Analysis of automobile molds in the mold industry

The development of the mold industry is accompanied by the constant non-stop of life. In our daily life, most of the products are inseparable from the mold. In the automotive industry's process equipment, up to 90% of the parts need to rely on mold forming. . Let's take a look at the brief ----more