Living room spotlight color how to choose

Spotlights can be placed around the ceiling or above the furniture or inside walls, skirts or baseboards. In the living room, the lighting line is soft and elegant, which can play a leading role in the overall lighting. How to choose the color? The following small series briefly introduces how to ----more

Magnetic wireless mobile power: can "stick" t…

Data map When the frequency of using our smartphones is getting more and more fierce, the external rechargeable battery becomes inseparable from us (and mobile phones). However, when using an external charger , in addition to its weight, it is annoying to have more charging c ----more

The intellectual property system provides basic guarant…

Abstract April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day. Shen Changyu, director of the State Intellectual Property Office, said recently that intellectual property rights are the basic guarantee for innovation and the bridge and link for transforming scientific and technological achievements i ----more

Local security exhibition gradually shrinks to be trans…

The second quarter of each year is the concentration period for local security exhibitions, especially in April. This year, there are five industry exhibitions gathered during this phase. For a time, the major security companies have come to "enclosures" with their latest product ----more

Comparative study of clinical application of titanium-n…

Significant effects are reported below. 1 data and methods as a control group. In the experimental group, the titanium-nickel spiral closed-loop spring end was hung on the traction hook of the second permanent molar buccal tube and the other end was ligated on the distal wing of the cusp lock groo ----more

Circular gear pump selection precautions

Circular arc gear pump in today's industrial, chemical, scientific research and other fields have a very important value, but it is also a relatively special equipment, its work not only to consider its own functional characteristics, At the same time also pay attention to arc gear pump work en ----more

What should I do if cotton has black root disease?

Cotton farmers are prone to appear when growing cotton. Cotton black root disease, cotton black root disease has a great impact on cotton, because once the disease is very harmful, so the disease farmers must know. What should I do if cotton has black root disease? Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyrig ----more