How about Haier intelligent door lock? What are the adv…

The era of intelligence is approaching. The emergence of various intelligent products has improved the quality of our lives. Smart door locks are among the most mature ones. Smart door locks replace traditional door locks to make our home safer. The following Xiaobian introduced Haier smart door lo ----more

High Shield Smart Lock Eight Features

A lock bears the understanding and expectation of millions of households for life; a good lock that assumes family safety does not reflect the master's taste and pursuit of life. Use "smart casting a lock and use "core" to guard a home. High shield smart lock gives you a differen ----more

How to build smart locks

With the rapid development of science and technology, our quality of life is improving day by day, and the demand for safety is also increasing. Not only is our technology developing, but the thief's shackles technology is also improving, so security protection is the most important aspect of s ----more

Reddish black masterbatch manufacturers preferred Dongg…

Dongguan Bosheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a reddish black masterbatch manufacturer. Dongguan Bosheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a reddish black masterbatch manufacturer. The price of the reddish black mother is 10-26 yuan/kg depending on the carrier and the blackness. Capacity: 500 ----more

Polyurethane insulation moisturizing test on the surfac…

Polyurethane insulation moisturizing test on concrete dam surface Du Bin Ren Zongshe 2, Zhou Bingliang 2 (1. Yichang Tianyu Technology Co., Ltd., Yichang, Hubei 443002; 2. Yellow River Hydropower Company Laxiwa Construction Branch, Qinghai Guide 811700) The dam of the Lijiaxia Hydropower Station, w ----more

Controlling soybean small gray elephant

Soybean small gray elephant armor, body length of about 4 mm, body small, body color gray-green to gray-brown, similar to earth color, and fake death, not easy to be found, mainly biting soybeans, corn and young orchards, dates The young leaves and young shoots of the tree are eaten into holes and ----more

Guangzhou Jianbo Expo: The cherry blossom “Creative P…

From July 8th to 11th, 2017, the 19th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as: Guangzhou Jianbo Fair) was grandly launched in Guangzhou, attracting nearly 2,400 upstream and downstream enterprises in the home furnishing industry. It coincides with the ten ----more