Solar strobe light correct installation method

It is very important to ensure the quality of the strobe light, but the installation process of the strobe light is also very important. If the following points are not made during the installation process, it may cause accidents. 1. The bottom lamp of the strobe lamp must be installed and fixed wi ----more

The principle that must be seen when purchasing monitor…

[ Pacific Security Network News ] After the security engineering company won the bid, how to choose the monitoring system products? The purchase of intelligent systems or products cannot rely on past experience - as long as you can see the monitoring images and can record them, whoever buys the pric ----more

Leeb hardness tester

Leeb hardness tester The Leeb hardness tester is a special test instrument for measuring the hardness of materials. It is mainly used to measure metal materials. In 1978, the Swiss Dr. Leeb first proposed a new hardness test method. The basic principle is that the impact body with a certain mass i ----more

Russian Vladivostok builds a diamond center or leads to…

Abstract August 31, Russia's Alrosa is the world's largest rough diamond producer, just put forward their goal to double sales in China and Japan by 2020. Satellite network reported that Russian economic expert Sabanov (AntonS... August 31, Russia's Alrosa is the world's larg ----more

Summary of related knowledge of brassinolide

Brassinolide is a plant growth regulator . The previous article on the brassin has been introduced in many editions. In order to make the farmers' friends have a deeper understanding of Xiaobian, Xiaobian’s secrets from the bryophyte There are several aspects to the ----more

Wall renovation steps are as simple as that

It is a normal phenomenon that the walls appear to fall off and become moldy in life. However, such problems must be refurbished on the wall. Otherwise, this will affect people's daily lives and there will be potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to solve this problem. Pay atten ----more

What are the causes and prevention methods of soybean p…

Podousness often occurs during soy planting, which greatly affects soybean yield. Soybean pods do not occur in summer soybeans for many reasons. For example, improper ratios of NPK, variety, density, trace element deficiency, pest and disease, etc. can cause the grain to not bulge and form cockroac ----more