Identification method for PET

PET, which is called polyester, is generally called polyester by many people when we operate it.

In the general waste plastics industry, PET is the most widely used bottle, including various kinds of coke bottles and mineral water bottles.

Tablet classification:

Imported bottle tablets are generally divided into:

1, The net tablet is clean and free of impurities. It does not contain PVC or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It does not exceed three-thousandths of an inch. The net films include white films (ie, colorless and transparent bottle crushed materials), white and blue films, white and blue green films (commonly known as three color films), green films, and variegated films. The price is the highest among white films, and so on. Contains bottles of packaging paper and caps of crushed material, which contains only pieces of wrapping paper. This is relatively good. The chips are also clean and unclean. Generally speaking, the chips in Japan and Taiwan are relatively clean, and the hair pieces in Germany or Europe do not seem to have been cleaned. The most common hair piece is 20% of impurities. However, most hair pieces should contain impurities at 10-12%. Japan has a better one, with only 5% of impurities. This depends on suppliers.

The price of the hair piece is also classified according to the color of the film if it is in the same situation.

Bottle bottle index and identification first is the use of different led to the manufacturers of different indicators.

The requirements of the blowing factory are the melting point 250 degrees viscosity of 0.7 or more and can not have a little impurities.

The staple fiber mill's requirement is that the melting point 250 degrees viscosity is above 0.6. It can be seen that the blowing factory requires quite a lot, but from last year, their previous price advantage has disappeared, and now they basically ship to the chemical fiber plant.

How to identify the indicators of these goods?

1, first smell, PET taste different from general plastic. Burn it with a lighter, and then it smells very aromatic and comfortable (by burning a bottle to smell it). If PET contains other ingredients, the taste is very pungent. One type of bottle containing SEBS cannot be used.

2, to see the burned part, if the distribution of black or oil drops quickly, most of the melting point is not normal, which is often found in PET film.

3, drawing, when burning in the lighter to pull the wire, see the silk does not grow long, then pulled out of the silk pull off to see the middle of the breakpoint, the wire is not rolled into a small circle, the more volume More to explain the high melting point. However, if it is a bottle tablet, there should not be any major problems. The most critical point! Is to distinguish whether it contains PVC, which can be fatal to PET.

First, take more samples and lay flat in a sunny place. PVC is light blue in the sun. If there is a fold in the fold, there will be a white crease.

The above is a visual identification, the accuracy is limited, mainly depends on the experience.

There are more practical and better ways. Buy an oven. The temperature was adjusted to 250 degrees and baked there for half an hour. If the goods contain PVC, there will be a lot of yellow spots on the surface. If the melting point is not enough, it will melt quickly.

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