Post-modern tiled upper or wooden floor finisher

Integrating life, imitating lifelikeness, and high-end price are the three most important factors in tile postmodernism. Even, it has already presented a strong limelight for flooring.

The tiled area that visited the building materials market four or five years ago was basically a “manually active”, and it was repeatedly shuttled in a square, ice-cold material that was mainly beige and beige, not to mention “aesthetic fatigue”. Basically, the so-called beauty is not felt. At that time, according to their own family needs, consumers chose a law-abiding brick that was not “red” with the color of the home, and was the magic weapon in the decoration.

A few years later, after the development and consumption of ceramic tiles, after a wave of classicalism, naturalism, and realism in the round of expert climaxes, we are more than happy to refer to its current fashion trends as postmodern-postmodern. Tiles can already replace many decoration materials and become an important part of family life. Take solid wood flooring, now the tiles have vividly imitated its color, texture and even specifications. If only from the visual judgment, where is the tile, it is obviously solid wood floor! There are even people who offer different flavors like wood and red sandalwood. For home users, the only current counterfeit brick that cannot match solid wood flooring is its touch, which is cold and hard. However, before frowning, don't forget the fact that as a brick, it has a number of unclear advantages: wear-resistant, dirt-repellent, not afraid of wet, easy to maintain and so on.

Therefore, if the price is similar, from a comprehensive consideration, in the future consumers will choose tiles, or solid wood? Now it may be premature to conclude that the ceramic tile era would end in the era of wood flooring, because without the concept of post-modernism, it would be unacceptable to have no floor home life.

Recall that a few years ago, could you accept tiles from the bathroom and kitchen to climb up to the walls of your home or across the entire study wall? Now that this is no longer rare, through the use of composite materials, glass, metal and other related materials in the tile-based design, a variety of beautiful and unique tiles, has emerged in the most eye-catching and most The finishing touch. It was thought that it was the effect of the tile-laying effect when it was a leather-covered background wall; a classical or European fresco was actually a masterpiece of the tile. The “marshmallows” and “bricks” that are closely related to life in new products in 2007 are not only materials, but also show a kind of interest in life.

Since tiles are omnipotent in terms of decorativeness and creativity, then in another three to five years, who can say that ceramic tiles will not end the era of wood flooring?

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