Wooden doors and windows should take the gentrification market route

Although there are few forest resources and timber shortages in China, the country has not limited the production of wooden doors and windows. In addition to advocating the development of new materials, wood doors and windows are basically open prices and have come into the market to control. At present, wood products account for a large proportion of the construction of doors and windows, especially in the vast urban and rural areas.

Some industrialized countries in the world have already formed a new pattern of doors and windows materials mainly based on plastics and metal doors and windows, supplemented by wooden doors and windows. Therefore, experts have suggested that solid wood doors and windows should be developed in the direction of high-grade, with fine processing and high artistic content. The way to increase the added value of wooden doors to meet the needs of high-level consumption. At the same time, efforts should be made to develop and produce energy-saving wooden doors and windows, gradually increase their functions and functions, vigorously develop plant fiber composite doors and windows, and alleviate the shortage of wood resources.

Wooden door products in different markets, its users are very different, there are high-end, but also general, coupled with ethnic differences, religious beliefs, lifestyle, aesthetic concepts are different, so the selection of wood doors and windows, modeling, color often affect consumption Behavior.

Wooden doors and windows have been used for countless years, currently occupying a large number of building doors and windows market is a high-density fiber pressure type door, this door is a mid-range product, its various styles, suitable for all types of interior layout, there is a certain degree of resistance It is flammable, light in weight, non-deformable, and moderately priced, and its penetration rate in homes in North America has reached more than 60%. Honeycomb sandwich doors are energy-saving products in foreign countries, so the sales market is large. According to relevant information, honeycomb sandwich doors account for about two-thirds of the total output of various building doors produced in the United Kingdom each year. In Japan, due to the relationship between traditional habits and architectural styles, wooden doors occupy more than 50% of the construction gate market.

According to the person in charge of Chuanwang Wood Market, the types of wooden doors produced in China are relatively complete. High-grade wooden doors, intermediate wooden doors, panel doors, plywood doors, wooden fire doors, sound insulation and heat preservation doors, wooden security doors, and honeycomb sandwich doors (multi-function door) and other professional manufacturers have a production of 40 or more, and the number of production of other companies, the annual production capacity is considerable, a few years ago, the statistics reached 30 million. the above.

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