Typha morphological characteristics

Typha is a monocotyledonous plant with perennial defoliation and perennial water. Also known as Pucao, Pucai, and Timothy. Because the spikes are candle-shaped, they are also called water candles. The stem is extremely short and not obvious. The stems are well developed, not divergent or occasionally different, not hypertrophy, and the outer skin is yellowish brown, and the front end can continuously differentiate into adventitious buds.

A warm, well-lit environment, born in ponds, river beaches, canals, wet and watery places. Typha is one of the important aquatic economic plants. The cattail leaf green spike can be used to decorate the garden pool, and can also be used for papermaking materials, buds and vegetables. In addition, its pollen can also be used as a medicine.

Cattail morphological characteristics :

Perennial aquatic or marsh herbs. Rhizome milky white. The stems on the ground are thick and sturdy, and the height is 1.3-2 meters. Leaf strip shape, 40-70 cm long, 0.4-0.9 cm wide, smooth and hairless, upper flat, lower ventral surface concave, convex gradually convex on the back, semi-circular cross section, large intercellular space, spongy sheath sheath stem.

Male and female inflorescences tightly connected; male inflorescences 2.7-9.2 cm long, inflorescences sately pubescently pubescent, sately sately sately sately sately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessate Leaf-shaped bracts, glabrescent after flowering; male flowers usually consisting of 3 stamens, sometimes 2 or 4 stamens connate, anthers ca. 3 mm, 2-loculed, strip-shaped, pollen granules, very short filaments, basally Generate a short handle.

Female flowers without small bracts; pregnant female flowers head-shaped spatulate, curved, ca. 0.5-0.8 mm, ca. 1.2-2 mm, ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate, ovate sessate, ca. 2.5 mm. The female flowers are about 1.2 mm long, nearly conical, apex rounded, stigma persistent; white filamentous hair usually solitary, sometimes several bases connate, slightly longer than style, shorter than stigma. Nutlets ellipsoid to oblong; petiose with long brown spots. The seeds are brown and slightly curved. Flowering fruit period from May to August. 2n=60.

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