Paint finishing notes

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Paint finishing notes:

Paint finishing refers to the painting of the surface of wooden objects such as wardrobes, heating covers, baseboards, and various style doors. There are many kinds of paints, and there are two kinds of paints: transparent finish and opaque finish. During the construction, due to the incorrect operation and process, it is easy to cause paint defects. You should know about this in order to find and request improvement in the supervision.

Pay attention to the whitening of the paint film

Among the basic materials used in paints, nitro varnish is the most widely used. The nitro varnish is greatly affected by the change of air humidity. When the paint is applied in the rainy and wet seasons in the north, the semi-transparent milky white five-layer phenomenon often occurs in the paint film due to the moisture in the paint film. Not caused by complete evaporation. The whitish area can be baked with an infrared baking lamp, and then compensated by applying a layer of paint with an appropriate amount (10% to 15%) of a butanol moisture-proofing agent. When using this method, the construction site should be properly dried.

Pay attention to chromatic aberration and spots

There is currently a process for mixing oils that is very popular. It is made up of two or more different paints. During the painting process, if the paint body is not evenly mixed, the color unevenness will occur when the brush is applied. This requires the construction personnel to follow the brush and change it properly and apply it several times. When the paint film of the first paint is too smooth, {TodayHot} or the surface of the paint contains water vapor, greasy and sundries, which will make the paint on the back partially unable to adhere firmly and form many spots. The treatment method is to wait for the first coat of paint to dry out, first wipe off the surface oil with soap, then use a fine wood sandpaper to gently polish the surface, and then paint.

Pay attention to wrinkles and falling

When we touch the surface of the wood by hand, there will be a feeling of unevenness, mainly due to the fact that the paint film is not dry, or the coating is too thick, the viscosity of the paint film is too large, and the direct sunlight is exposed. The control measures are to make the viscosity of the paint appropriate. The paint film of each layer should not be too thick. The hair of the brush should not be too soft and too long, and avoid direct sunlight.

Falling phenomenon is more common, it affects the appearance of the decorative surface, often occurs when the vertical surface or vertical surface meets the horizontal surface (angle), which is caused by excessive dilution of the paint or excessive paint. Pay attention to the method, grasp the thickness of the coating when painting, and apply the brush quickly and evenly. If a local drop occurs, immediately use a brush to remove the excess paint. If the painting process is used, the distance from the surface of the spray gun should be 15 to 25 cm. If the flow occurs, wait until the paint film is dry and then sand it with sandpaper before spraying.

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