Type of anti-season vegetable cultivation

1. Wintering cultivation: use cold weather, plastic shed to cultivate cold-tolerant vegetables before winter, wintering under protective equipment, early harvest in early spring, such as wind-breaking roots, spinach, leeks, etc., wintering spinach, rapeseed, alfalfa, medium and small shed Celery, leeks, etc.
2. Early maturing cultivation: use protection equipment to prevent cold and warm, early colonization to obtain early maturing products.

3. Delayed cultivation: sowing in summer and cultivation in protective equipment in autumn to prolong the growth period and supply period of vegetables.

4. Summer cultivation: In the hot and rainy season, shades, shades, etc. are used for shading, cooling, and rain protection, and cultivation is carried out in the summer.

5. Promote cultivation: use the greenhouse for warm cultivation in the cold season to promote the product.

6. Softening cultivation: cultivation by softening room or other softening method.

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Other Treatment

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