Aged home opens the vast market for the home industry

From July 1st, the newly revised Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly was officially implemented. Among the highlights are the state's emphasis on “effectively promoting the construction of a livable environment for the elderly” and advocating for children to “go home often to see”. The importance that the national society attaches to the lives of the elderly can be seen. How to improve the lives of the elderly, especially at home, will be an important theme in the future.

The elderly home market has broad prospects

With the development and progress of society, the improvement of people's living standards and the aging of the population, the society is paying more and more attention to the quality of life of the elderly. According to the "China's Aging Business Development Report (2013)", in 2012, the number of elderly people in China reached 194 million, and the aging level reached 14.3%. It is expected that the number of elderly people will exceed 200 million in 2013, reaching 202 million, and the aging level will reach 14.8%. Among them, the number of empty nesters was 0.99 billion in 2012, accounting for half of the entire elderly population, and this data continues to climb. It is expected to exceed 100 million in 2013. According to He Shuji of the Longjita Community in Dazhou City, there are more than 2,000 elderly people over the age of 60 in the community, most of whom are empty nesters, and more than 80% of the elderly are home-based. The ageing group is getting bigger and bigger. The elderly are changing their consumption concept by “re-accumulating light consumption and lightening their children” and they are also changing for themselves. This makes the blank of the elderly home market more and more obvious, especially the economy like Dazhou. In the third- and fourth-tier cities that are quietly rising, the elderly home market is still a virgin land to be developed.

Aged home opens the vast market for the home industry

Aged home opens the vast market for the home industry

Elderly home needs to consider safety and comfort

For the design of the elderly home, the elderly should be considered to be quiet, the legs are inconvenient, the movement is slow, the vision is weakened, etc. In the design of the bed, the design of the bed and table should be paid attention to the height. The seat is preferably designed with handrails for easy lying. Furniture should avoid too many sharp edges and the like. Throughout the current many furniture products, materials, design functions, etc. have not reached the needs of the elderly.

The reporter walked into some home shop guides to buy information which furniture is suitable for the elderly to live at home, the shopping guide can only tell reporters on the color that the darker furniture is suitable for the elderly.

For many elderly people, their lives are free of morning exercise. Most of the time they like to be alone at home, watch TV, do some housework, and rely on the psychological, physical and habit characteristics of the elderly, they are more demanding for a safe and comfortable living environment. Therefore, how to grasp the preferences of the elderly and create suitable household items will be the key to the future of home businesses to open up a vast market.

Smart home make up blank

Recently, some domestic home furnishing enterprises have developed customized smart coffee tables and dining table series for middle-aged and elderly people. Their products mainly consider the health and convenience of the elderly. Many smart applicative functions have been added to the basic coffee table and dining table. First of all, the traditional table or coffee table to eat hot pot or tea is usually heated by alcohol stove, liquefied gas or electric cooker, etc. The new smart dining table and coffee table integrate the new induction cooker with the dining table and coffee table, adopting the principle of electromagnetic induction, no radiation, It is non-polluting, more energy-efficient and safe, and makes middle-aged and older people more involved in the dining process. In addition, the new smart dining table and coffee table add heating function, computer intelligent temperature control, and can synchronize heating when dining, burning tea or watching TV. More in line with the human body's requirements for heating comfort. Hu Xiongbo, Huaxi City Reader, Zou Jing

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