1500m2 creative 茧 more than 100 pieces of creative furniture will be unveiled in Chengdu

The eco-friendly chair made of mineral water bottle has a modern style of traditional Taishi chair, chair book series sofa... After one year, have you remembered the creative furniture of the designers in the “Creative 茧” of Chengdu Furniture Fair last year? From July 3rd to 6th, the 13th Chengdu Furniture Fair with the theme of “Leading Domestic Demand and Sharing the Future” will be held as scheduled at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center, and an area of ​​1500m2 (500m2 last year), from Chengdu The Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee and the Sichuan Light Industry Designers Federation jointly planned and gathered more than 30 design institutes across the country. The giant “creative” of more than 100 creative design works is destined to become the focus of attention. The reporter learned from the organizing committee that this year's “creative 茧” will be exhibited by well-known design institutions including Chengdu Latitude, Shenzhen Tuowei, Jihe, Xu Yuyuan, and Pastoral City, including Chinese furniture design godfather Zhu Xiaojie and Milan. Song Wenzhong, the first person in China's furniture exhibition, and Xu Haoyuan, a famous artist from Sichuan, gave speeches and works. Why is the “creative art” that made its debut last year attract the interest of so many well-known designers and design agencies? In the past year, Wang Liping, who has participated in the “creative 茧”, this year’s creative incubator, seems to have a year’s experience in Chengdu’s furniture exhibitions. And indeed, it has brought a lot of benefits to the participating design agencies. "After last year's creativity, I received many consultations from buyers and ordinary consumers. It is very useful for us to use traditional materials to showcase the traditional Chinese artistic conception. Interested. We originally only made high-end customized furniture. After repeated communication and coordination, we further improved the creative exhibits and implemented extensive marketing. At present, we are selling very well. This year we will still bring exhibits containing Chinese classical elements. Sharing with you the natural and traditional Chinese culture of 'quietness'. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, furniture has also evolved from a simple durable consumer goods to a "dual identity" of creative art. A perfect idea, which is finally transformed into practicality and creativity, with both finished products and certain economic benefits, is mature and successful. Talking about creativity and neglecting practicality is not far off. Jiang Hua said: "Design has always been the weakness of the domestic furniture industry, but we also found a lot of excellent designs on the 'creative 茧', although it is still immature compared with the master's works. We hope to focus on 'creative 茧' There may be many excellent creative exhibits that produce a 'brainstorming' effect, which breaks out more elaborate designs and ideas. It will be promoted through the platform of Chengdu Furniture Exhibition, so that the follow-up effect will continue to ferment, and it is believed that the entire furniture creative industry is extremely Good promotion." ▲ Creative furniture works first! 1AVA Chair - Latitude Design Song Wenzhong This AVA chair was launched globally in 2011 and appeared at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair. The chair is made of polycarbonate. It is a recyclable chemical material that is different from wood. While wood is usually made of furniture, it takes a decade or more for a piece of wood to be used as a material. In Song Wenzhong's view, human social resources should have the responsibility and responsibility for everyone to effectively use existing resources. As a new generation of designers, they have more responsibility and obligation to discover and create effective and available resources and avoid them. Destruction and pollution of the ecological environment. 2 lamps series - the idyllic city Xu Weiyuan light through the gaps of the rattan stars sprinkled a little bit, to convey a warm and quiet atmosphere. The large amount of solemnity is suitable for large space furnishings, creating a sense of time and space. The contrast between the rattan and the stainless steel material collides with the visual effects outside the conventional experience, and the exciting power is combined between the two. 3 Han dynasty double arrogance - Haoran furniture design This design is based on the Han Dynasty architecture, clothing, text, porcelain as an element, using modern techniques and materials to interpret the classic culture of the Han Dynasty. The shape of the chair is quite artistic with the oriental culture, but it also allows people to experience the elegant book fragrance and the rhythm of Chinese aesthetics. The color of the chair is the classic color of the Han Dynasty, black and red. Black is a symbol of solemnity, mystery and authority. Red is a symbol of honor and wisdom. Black and red are also classic colors that modern people like. Using anthropomorphic techniques, the male masculine and the feminine temperament are skillfully combined to achieve the artistic conception of harmony between man and nature. 4 Creative Space Box - Yang Jian's design Yang Jian is on an ordinary light bulb. The ordinary box is transformed into a beautiful coat by the designer's creation, replacing the heavily polluted plastic materials. The power of innovation is endless. This kind of creativity starts from the lampshade, like a trickle, and it always flows out of a chair, a unique piece of art, flowing to the ground and becoming a scattered pearl. Space is vividly decorated with such dynamic art, and life becomes interesting. And most importantly, we find that those things that are about to be abandoned, in other places, are so precious.

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