Stir-fry mahogany: furniture factory throws tens of millions of dollars to hoard raw materials

The price of mahogany furniture has risen year after year, and many investors and collectors are secretly happy, but in fact, it is not easy to realize the direct realization of mahogany furniture in the handle. Ms. He told reporters that there are a couple of official hats that have been handed down from generation to generation. I used to be certified by others. The material is red rosewood. Seeing that the mahogany furniture market is so bullish, I want to shoot. Who knows that there are no channels through multiple channels. Can be successful. Ms. He first found a pawnshop in the south of the city, and was refused by the pawnshop. The staff told her that the antiques were generally not accepted because of the lack of professional appraisal. She also contacted an auction company and it took a lot of trouble. The other party not only valued her psychological price far below her psychological price, but also charged a 5% commission. He told reporters that mahogany furniture is a relatively niche market, and there are not many channels for realizing it. There were also collectors who found him and hoped to realise the furniture in the way of repurchasing. However, for merchants, they are generally only willing to recycle individual products. Redwood furniture investment collection market, recently "fever" again "A pair of red rosewood circle chair, the initial offer is less than 20,000 yuan, a few days ago to see, has risen to 25,000 yuan." Redwood furniture collector Chen revealed After experiencing a brief decline in 2008, since the second half of last year, the market for mahogany furniture has clearly warmed up. This year, it has been rising, and it has generally appreciated by about 30% from the beginning of the year to the present. Redwood raw materials rose 5 times on average for 5 years, a pair of chairs more than 10,000, a table of 100,000 yuan... The reporter saw in a large home store in the Hexi Olympic Center, although the mahogany furniture is expensive, interested customers Quite a lot. “Customers buy mahogany furniture, most of them value their appreciation potential.” “Tianlang freehand” general manager of mahogany furniture store told reporters that in recent years, mahogany furniture has been steadily appreciating, attracting the attention of more and more investors. . After five years of business, I witnessed the rise in the price of raw materials for redwood in the past five years. He gave the reporter a list of some raw materials in the past five years: the average market price of Siamese rosewood 5 years ago was 10,000 to 20,000 yuan / ton, and now it has risen to 40,000 to 60,000 yuan / ton; lobular rosewood from more than 100,000 Yuan/ton rose to 400,000~500,000 yuan; Vietnam's huanghuali, which was not very valuable in the past, has now skyrocketed to 600,000-800,000 yuan/ton. "In all kinds of wood, the most fierce rise is undoubtedly Hainan huanghuali, a ton of millions of dollars in 'high price' is very common." He said that although the price is very high, but because it is too scarce, authentic Hainan huanghuali It is now difficult to find in the market. Every two months, the price increase of raw materials will directly increase the price of furniture. In order to cope with the ever-changing market, the average store will raise the price of furniture every two months. He pointed to a set of red rosewood tables and chairs with a price of 75,000 yuan and told reporters that next month, it will definitely not be the price. In addition to the price of raw materials, the manufacturing process of mahogany furniture also directly affects the price of furniture. As antique furniture, many collectors value the cultural connotation contained in it. It is understood that the scarcity of artisans and the increase in labor costs have also invisibly pushed up the price of furniture. Ge Dexue, general manager of Nanjing Guansen Redwood Furniture Co., said that an antique wooden bed, from design to production, takes at least a year, and designers, carpentry, and engraving craftsmen all need to pay a lot of money. Take the engraving craftsman as an example. According to the daily calculation of 200 yuan, it will cost more than 70,000 yuan a year, and this level of compensation is also rising. Throwing tens of millions of dollars in hoarding raw materials Due to the fluctuation of the price of raw materials of mahogany directly affects the sales of finished furniture, the expectation has become a very important part. He said that he spends at least 40% of his energy every year on the purchase of redwood raw materials. Some large and powerful furniture factories have even laid down enough wood for fifty or six decades. The origin of mahogany raw materials is mainly in Southeast Asia, South America, etc. Therefore, it is common for furniture manufacturers to buy logs abroad. Take the Vietnamese market as an example. After the Spring Festival every year, hundreds of timber merchants are stationed in the Vietnamese market every month. As the price of mahogany raw materials rises faster, it is quick to buy good materials in a timely manner. Many purchasers are very promising, and they are tens of millions of dollars. For the domestic timber market, furniture manufacturers are also very concerned. He said that there are timber trading markets in Kunshan and Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu. They have also established long-term contacts with many timber suppliers. Once there is a rush in the market, they can get timely feedback. The next one may be the red rosewood in various mahogany furniture, Hainan Huanghuali is undoubtedly the "excellent". Over the years, the purchase price of Hainan Huanghua Pear can only be described as “all the way up”. It was about 9 yuan/kg around 1979 and now climbs to a high of 8 million to 10 million yuan/ton. He believes that under the speculation of speculative funds, the current market price of Haihuang has far deviated from its true value, and it is difficult to make a major breakthrough. "Compared with the high sea yellow, lobular rosewood and other varieties, the price of Siamese rosewood is more rational and has a long-term appreciation potential." He said that in recent years, Siamese rosewood has been in a stable rising channel, many Tibetan The family regards Siamese rosewood as “the future sea yellow” and uses it as a basic starting point for collections.

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