Live: The 3rd China Furniture Industry Development Summit Forum (Part 2)

Moderator: The following is the "turning--China Furniture Industry Development Summit Forum" Part II: Wuyue on the sword--China's furniture industry five major development models, round-table dialogue. ["Five-Yue" on the sword--China's furniture industry's five major development models contend] Moderator: The following is the first round of round-table dialogue, the theme: "Southern model" shock wave - how to construct the business model of the post-crisis era. First of all, let us invite you with warm applause: Ms. Luo Jizhen, executive director of Jane Eyre's home chain, and Ms. Luo Jiyu, the host of the following: Mr. Luo, a distinguished guest, everyone in the furniture industry, good afternoon! At this moment, the conference must be very tired. The following guests are the leading figures in the industry and will bring us a feast of wisdom. Please allow me to invite the following forum guests: President of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, Executive Director of Hong Kong Xingli Furniture Group Mr. Huang Weiye, Chairman of Shandong Furniture Association, Mr. Niu Guangxia, Chairman of Zhejiang Yuhuan Guosen Furniture Co., Ltd. Mr. Hu Zaixing, Chengdu Southern Furniture Mr. Zhang Jun, General Manager of Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Hu Yeguo, General Manager of Tianjin Nanyang Hushi Furniture Co., Ltd. Mr. Li Yizhou, Secretary General of China Brand Marketing Association, Mr. Li Yizhou, Senior Consultant of Shengao Group, Mr. Speijing, Chairman of Xi'an Fule Group, Xi Xifeng First, the general manager of Du Di Furniture Co., Ltd. Liu Wei, general manager of Beijing Longfeng House, Mr. Wang Feng, we said that the times create heroes, we mentioned today that heroes create the situation, under the financial crisis, this is two different realms, creating such a In the case of a big fortune in 2009, whether it is the development of new products, cross-border cooperation between enterprises, expansion of enclosures, signing of presidents, celebrity endorsements, channel expansion, and innovative ideas, they were not originally used last year. The optimistic furniture industry staged a scene after another, creative furniture, set The deepening of the concept, the adjustment of the export tax rebate policy, and the series of regulation and control of the national macro policy, we found that this is a change and a dilemma, but many furniture companies have shown amazing stagnation, starting from the multi-channel market development, or practicing Internal strength, or strengthen team cooperation, or strengthen team combat capabilities, enhance product design and development mission, or expand the channel, or invest heavily in innovation in marketing model, today our guest speakers let us share a lot of marketing practice The case and the construction of a successful corporate model, the guests present here are not lacking such strategy and awareness. We are full of expectations for 2010 and are full of more strategic plans. Today, the organizers specially held a forum to build a business model for the company in the post-crisis era. We invited the guests on the stage to talk about the above topics and how they understood and understood. The first is the Zhang of the Southern Furniture Group. General Manager Jun to talk. Zhang Jun Zhang Jun, general manager of Southern Furniture Group Co., Ltd.: Southern Furniture Company is a small company. It is a small company in Sichuan. It is a small company compared with the coastal area. It is not a mode or mode. I personally think that However, I have a little experience. In the past three years of development in 2007, under the correct leadership of the chairman of the board, and with the joint efforts of all the staff, we have made bold explorations and achieved a little achievement. Of course, many places. Not doing well, my personal experience is mainly the following points: First, after I entered the Southern Group, I found out why it was not done well. The first problem was that the store was too small, not competitive, and the second problem product. Not rich, how to solve this problem, this is the second problem, I have done research and development training, I do some planning; the third to solve the product richness, the product is too much, the production pressure is great; One face of the store, how to build a thousand stores, the standardization of the terminal will naturally improve. The fourth is that there is a problem with investment promotion. After this change, many tools were created in 2007. The fifth is the problem of team building, the problems of methods and tools, how to write it, become a plan, the plan is implemented, and the execution becomes the result. The first is the tool, the second is the performance appraisal, the third To train, the general manager must be a trainer. It is necessary to support yourself and teach others to be easy. To solve these problems, according to the shortest board in the South, we should do something from the system. It should be said that there are some improvements. The key is that the success or failure of a company is first of all a strategic issue. Many companies do not do well because of the limitations of the past in tactics. The understanding of strategic issues is unclear. The 513 engineering plan and strategic plan have become the target plan. The annual business plan is very important. Strategy and planning are very critical issues, and strategic and strategic goals must be addressed. To solve the problem of capital, you said that the company is developing fast, there will always be problems with capital. To do the scale always requires money. To solve the problem, we have made a lot of plans, and we must push the organization to go public. The construction of the base, which is ideal, dealers to join, the main vision is that Intel must achieve. The team should strengthen training, basic plan management, budget management, and index management. The key is to benchmark the key. Compared with some old ones, we are too backward. Compared with the competition, the key is to do a lot of management and management work. How to carry out standard management, carry out reforms, and then produce, evaluate once in the past month, and finally put forward batch assessment, your delivery and cost quality issues, batch assessment to meet market demand, more importantly, I think the most The important thing is to put forward advanced concepts. I think this is the most important thing. We are losing money. We lose you. Not only do we say this, but in doing so, this is the first point. We must have an advanced concept. Second. Concept, I think that the nanny-style service, there are many businesses, in the past because those best quality customers have been dug by others, the boss, the second child digging, in this case, how to do a good job, we propose The nanny-style service, the problem of team building should be solved, and it is easy to say and solve problems. It is very difficult to do. Nanny services done, and a lot of salesman called me, you do this to me exhausted. Luo Jizhen: Thank you, Mr. Zhang for his unreserved sharing. From sales to production, from strategy to capital, from service to the construction of the entire dealer team, I think this is the basic element of the construction of the Southern Furniture Group business model. We thank His sharing. In fact, I paid special attention to today's keynote speakers mentioning the brand. In the end, the lecturer mentioned five levels. In fact, the brand is too important. Today, I am fortunate to have the Secretary General of the China Brand Marketing Association and the famous brand marketing expert Mr. Li Yizhou. Secretary Li asked us to talk to us about the importance of the entire business construction model in the process of brand building. We need to grasp the key points. We applaud. Li Yizhou, Secretary-General of the China Brand Marketing Association: Li Yizhou: A company needs two “accounts”: one that operates in the bank, manages the tangible assets of the company – the currency; one opens in the hearts of consumers, and establishes the intangible assets of the company – the brand. This view is called Li Yizhou's brand theory. Tangible assets are managed in banks, and many people ignore the intangible asset brands. Some people think that, for example, do we need to be a brand for OEM? If you really don't want to do a lot, just support your family and you can barely do it. From a certain point of view, let's first say that a company has three levels of brand. Everyone often talks about product brands, including this award is more about product brands, and many are corporate brands, and the other is personal brands. Entrepreneurs and professional managers can also become personal brands. The brand building of the enterprise has been built from these three levels. The brand of Vanke has not sounded, many brands of products (projects) have been ringing, and Wang Shi’s personal brand has been heard all over the country. For the OEM enterprise product brand is not required, the corporate brand needs everyone to remember, need to have their own characteristics and style to let others know, this process is also a brand-building process. Therefore, we believe that in today's era, brand building is almost a very broad topic. The country has launched a brand management division. The standard formulation work has been participated by the China Brand Marketing Institute. It has been drafted and is waiting for the stage of issuance. The concept of brand is promoted to the organization. Not only does the company need brand management, but also the government, regions, associations, media, etc., and the general rating list needs to become a brand and spread widely in the industry. This is the importance of the brand. Just your topic is mainly about how the brand creates a relationship with the business model. In fact, I personally think that we look at the origin of the concept of brand management, first of all, to do product management, and to pursue the sale of products. Well, a factory, a shop, the development is too slow, and later there was capital operation. If it can be financed and listed, it will open a lot of store chain operations and open a lot of factory-scale production. This is the era of capital operation. What is the brand in the era of brand management? Brand is the carrier of spiritual culture. From this point of view, with the most stringent professional standards, the furniture industry can really call the brand very few, mostly shallow brands. Our forum and rankings are generally to promote industry exchanges, to give everyone a boost and refueling perspective. The so-called brand in the furniture industry is more of the most basic stage of registering trademarks. I want to get the award, just a Start, the first step of the long march, do not think that the award, the brand building is successful, even the country's well-known trademarks are the same. Looking back, what is the relationship between business models, we found that there is no, product management to capital management, to brand management, brand management is the most advanced stage that everyone can find, this is integrated, the brand is not equal to LOGO, that is The most basic thing of the brand, on the basis of this, the back of the brand is a unique business model, there is no unique business model, the brand can not be established for a long time, such as Dell's unique business model. Think about it, many successful brands are like this. From this perspective, including many domestic industries, the furniture industry I believe is the same, and is still in the initial stage of brand building. Brand is not a certain field of your company. If the company has many business lines, production lines, management lines, etc., the brand is macroscopic and vertical, and it is necessary to use the brand to lead everything. In an era of increasingly fierce competition, product homogeneity, diversified consumer demand, and vicious competition, such as price wars, brand building can solve this problem. How much money a bottle of Coca-Cola sold and sold for more than 100 years. Coca-Cola was the first medicine to cure cough, and finally became the representative of American culture. Now young people regard Coca-Cola and Pepsi as fashion, which means that it represents American culture. Young people think that drinking Coke is fashion. This is true. s brand. At this level, of course, for the furniture industry, this level is a relatively long-term stage. The products are still struggling and working hard and innovating in the basic functions of channels and marketing. As a conclusion, building a strong brand and comprehensively controlling marketing is a business However, the hurdle must face. Brand management, promotional advertising, channel marketing, and which one is not, this is what every company must pass.

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Grade: Q235 Q345

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Effective width: 780, 850mm

Material: Pre-painted galvanized sheet;Galvanized steel sheet

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Wave Corrugated Steel Roof Sheet


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