"Light decoration and heavy decoration" concept is gradually popular home accessories business opportunities

Buying a house, whether it is hardcover or simple, is an essential step. At present, many home buyers have shown a strong interest in home accessories during the decoration process. With the improvement of people's tastes, the home decoration market has gradually revealed new business opportunities. The concept of “light decoration and heavy decoration” in the home decoration market is gradually becoming popular. The effect of re-decoration is to save environmental protection on the one hand, and to highlight the personalization of the home on the other hand. Home decoration refers to the use of some easy-to-replace, easily-changing accessories and furniture, such as curtains, sofa covers, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative handicrafts, decorative wrought iron, etc., for the second-degree furnishings and layout of the interior, Handmade DIY jewelry is also a highlight. With the mobile decoration, you can not only change the style of the home, but also reflect the taste and creativity of the owner. It can be said to create the finishing touch of the home atmosphere. With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers' shopping taste no longer stays in the traditional decoration mode, but uses the details to create their favorite home decoration style, which undoubtedly led to the development of home accessories. Home accessories can break the traditional decoration industry boundaries according to the size and shape of the living space, personal hobbies, and comprehensively plan the decoration design plan to form a new concept. It is understood that the home accessories industry is gradually showing a geometric growth trend, coupled with the international home furnishing brands have gradually entered the domestic market, while increasing the level of consumption, more to meet the personal value and personal preferences of consumers. At present, the simple decoration mode is very popular, especially the young consumer groups are more willing to pay attention to the design of home accessories. According to industry insiders, there are more and more consumers buying home accessories, mainly for decorating new homes or decorating offices. Many young people have begun to include furniture and home furnishings in leisure consumption projects, which has also driven the home decoration industry. development of. The price dispute is not as good as the “price war” in the creative brand building materials market. However, consumers are now paying more attention to the quality and innovation of building materials. In this case, some home improvement companies have launched innovative products and services based on value expansion. According to industry insiders, the decoration industry is a service industry with a sense of responsibility and strength. The price is important. After quality and resale, it should be more critical, and it will shift from price war to value war, and then to corporate brand and corporate culture. It is a long-term solution. The price war in the home improvement building materials industry is not inevitable, but should be as stable as the real estate industry. The development of the home decoration industry can be described as the right time. The jewelry focuses on the details. The small jewelry is no longer a simple competition on the price, but a competition that rises to the brand and design level to meet the needs of most consumers. Requirements. It is understood that art ceramics and hand-painted home accessories are currently the most popular. As a decorative accessory for furniture, home accessories are both a functional product and an ornamental art. In addition to decorative paintings and crystal ornaments for new home decoration, the purchase of home accessories from novelty and interesting jewelry stores will also become a new consumption method for young people. The improvement of the concept of healthy consumption will also drive the development of the environmental protection jewelry industry. The home products with the theme of natural simplicity and original ecology are gradually listed, and become the new favorite because of its close proximity to nature and delicate weaving technology. Ms. Fu Yuping, who is eager to move her new home, told the reporter of China United Business Daily. “I usually like DIY some handmade products. Now these smug works come in handy. In fact, the style of home decoration mainly lies in my own preferences. Therefore, compared with other building materials, there is no need to pay too much attention to price and brand, sometimes only need some creative ideas to get twice the result with half the effort. For example, the way of hand-painted wall has been accepted by many people; the design of photo wall is also affected by many 80 After the favor; those who love the collection can completely cut the various stones by cutting, enameling, etc., making them excellent collections and home accessories. Indeed, many consumers actually have the same ideas and paid for Ms. Fu. In practice, the birth of personalized home accessories requires the creative person's personal efforts to make a contribution to the design of their home decoration, why not. Whether it is curtains, bookshelves, or porcelain, it can be modified everywhere. There are many building materials such as specimen tiles and crafts, such as specimen tiles and crafts, which are not only available to consumers. Widely accepted, but also stimulate personal inspiration, do not have some fun. The home accessories industry is an important part of home decoration. As a new vocabulary, home accessories is the best soft furniture in the market. With the continuous high temperature of the real estate industry and the rapid development of the furniture industry, its market prospects should not be underestimated.

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