Reflections on Da Vinci's falsification, China's lack of home luxury growth soil

Da Vinci was once considered a representative of home luxury goods, with Da Vinci furniture is a symbol of status and status. The Da Vinci fraud incident has caused the imported furniture brand to encounter an unprecedented credibility crisis. Starting from a foreign name and claiming to be Italian origin, it can be labeled with an astronomical price and easily capture the hearts of rich people. The phenomenon has made Chinese furniture practitioners have to fall into deep reflection after the shame - why does China not have its own home luxury? On July 22nd, at the "Luxury Road of China's Home Furnishings" forum organized by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association, the guests believed that China lacks the soil and environment for the growth of home luxury goods, and does not eliminate people's minds. In the consumer mentality of "the moon of a foreign country is a circle", China will never create a real home luxury. "Face consumption" allowed Da Vinci to admit that the propaganda was inaccurate, apologized to consumers, and opened a special line for return. Since the exposure, Da Vinci has been angering people's hearts despite the constant publicity of brand crisis. Da Vinci gave a vivid lesson to the furniture business, which caused people to deeply reflect and discuss: Who is the invisible pusher behind the Da Vinci incident? "Consumers blindly worship luxury goods, only buy expensive and do not buy the right products, so that Da Vinci has the space to drill, easily use fake imported furniture to fool consumers and gain huge profits." July 22 At the forum of the "Luxury of China's Home Furnishing Industry" held by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association, Lai Yanan, the founder of DOMO NATVRE home brand, summed up the root cause of the Da Vinci incident. In the consumption of luxury goods, many consumers in China have a misunderstanding that the price of luxury goods is equal to the identity. The higher the price, the more noble the buyer's identity. With the words of the July furniture furniture director in July, "luxury goods are a kind of face goods in China, far from being enjoyed by themselves like foreign countries." He pointed out that people who buy Da Vinci furniture basically put it at home for Others to see, not to buy it for themselves, even if Da Vinci has something to do, there will not be too many customers asking for a refund. Imagine who would say that I bought a fake? This is a typical case of Chinese face culture. The purchase of such luxury goods as Da Vinci, consumers pay more attention to the "face" brought by the price, but do not pay attention to the use value, Lei Ben, general manager of Anjie Shi Technology Co., Ltd., who specializes in smart home, also feels the same. He lived in Belgium and sat on a table made in 1815 with a 200-year-old fork, which is hard to imagine in China. “In China, if the price is as luxurious as the Da Vinci furniture, the fork and the table will definitely be supplied, not to mention it in daily life.” Lei Pen believes that in the consumption of luxury goods, Chinese consumers The understanding and consumption trends are different from those in foreign countries. Most Chinese consumers consume according to price and popularity. They lack attention to knowledge about product design and use functions, which creates a survival for Da Vinci's origin and virtual price. space. Luxury goods lack a growing environment in China in the Chinese market. Whether it is in the home industry or other commercial fields, there is no shortage of luxury brands, but these brands are all foreign brands, just as Da Vinci claims to sell top foreign brands. In the same way, there are almost no luxury brands that are really born in China. From the perspective of consumers, this is related to its "love face" and the likes of worshipping foreigners. From a business perspective, this has nothing to do with China's lack of luxury living environment. “The most essential thing about luxury goods is the designer's work. For home furnishing companies, the status of the designer should be as important as the status of the director in the film. Foreign luxury brands are proud of the designer's maverick. Most of China's enterprises start from capital and rank on the basis of capital strength, ignoring the role of designers.” Zhou Qiyue pointed out that the status of Chinese designers is far less important than product prices and marketing. Without the support of designers, China wants There are real luxury brands that have a long way to go. Local home furnishing companies do not pay attention to designers, making consumers more blindly worship the so-called foreign designers and designers. “Looking back at the current environment of China's luxury goods market, consumers have moved from the original to the rich to rational consumption, and began to pay attention to its design value when buying products, but only believe in foreign designers.” Wang Lichun, a famous home designer Looking at the creativity of foreign designers, Chinese local designers can't do it. It's hard to turn a design into a real product. It's not easy to find a suitable factory, but the opposite is true in foreign countries. “The living soil of Chinese local designers is not so ideal. To be a good luxury or luxury brand, there is a certain distance from foreign countries.” Where is the luxury road of luxury goods in the first place, Henry· Ma Xiaolong, executive deputy general manager of Dai Group, agrees with this view. Design-led, based on manufacturing, brand maintenance as a guarantee, cultural communication as a means to develop mature industrial operations, establish a high-end brand image, is the only way to create a brand of luxury goods, "only unbiased By doing all this well, consumers will recognize this luxury brand." At present, 60% of Henry Day's products are imported from abroad, and 40% are designed and manufactured by foreign design teams in Shenzhen. In 2006, it opened its first independent store in Beijing. After five years of high-end home furnishing in the capital city, it adhered to the basic elements of good materials, good design and good craftsmanship, coupled with market-oriented management and dissemination. Good reputation today. It is reported that for imported products, Henry Dai does not measure its value by price, but by the product itself and the process to price. For the manufacturing process, we have never hesitated to purchase high-quality wood with a lot of money. "To build a high-end luxury brand, we must establish a long-term battle, and the investment in brand building will be relatively large." Ma Xiaolong said. To become a luxury brand needs long-term accumulation, the Italian BISAZZA mosaic Beijing agent Wen Shuhua and Ma Xiaolong coincide. “BISAZZA is a mosaic that is a luxury item. It is incredible. In fact, it is one of the 56 luxury brands in Europe. It is not only used in museums and churches, but also used in cars and airplanes. In design, this has nothing to do with the brand accumulation of mosaics that have been focused on for more than 50 years.” “The luxury brands started out very small, but they insisted on their own direction, integrity and taste for many years, and finally they became recognized. The image of luxury. "In the field of sanitary ware and piping systems, Ma Xiaogang, the sales director of the northern region of Geberit, Switzerland, believes that if companies insist on branding, it is not necessarily a dream to embark on a luxury road. Of course, consumers should also change their mindset and establish a correct cognitive system for luxury goods. Don't just focus on the high price and appearance of products, but pay more attention to the hidden design and practical value behind the products. “After all, life is personal and suitable. Your own products are the best."

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