How about sandalwood furniture?

Tanyi furniture is a new Chinese-style furniture, which combines Chinese classical furniture elements with modern homes. It has the characteristics of aesthetics and elegance, and at the same time, it makes the atmosphere and spirit show in the rational use of space structure. Tan Tan, a new Chinese furniture brand , uses the “Hedgehog Rosewood” in the national standard of mahogany as the wood. It uses the traditional space element design handed down by the Chinese folk, combined with the production characteristics of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and is completed with the traditional 榫卯 structure. And positioned in the 30-60 year old population.

The slogan of the new Chinese furniture brand of Tanzan is “Hua Yun Tan, Ancient Pear Sao”.

檀颂家具檀颂家具 Huayun Tan's "Hua" character represents Greater China; the word "Rhyme" is reflected in Chinese culture. The general explanation is the meaning of taste, the meaning of the taste of Chinese culture, but the taste of Chinese culture is comprehensive. There are humanities and cultures, beliefs, aesthetics, and life. Because Chinese culture belongs to many ethnic groups and has a long history and has a history of more than 5,000 years, it has precipitated more. When embodying a certain thing, the word "rhyme" often represents the change and fluctuation of the rhythm; deep and shallow, heavy and light, hard and soft, big and small. "Ban Tan" originated from Qu Yuan's "Orange" association, the word "颂" can be interpreted as praise, and can be associated with the meaning of singing and promoting. "Thai" is synonymous with redwood. In addition to ebony, wenge, and striped ebony, the other five categories (red sandalwood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, and red rosewood) are all sandalwood. Woody.

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