How to solve the common problems of paint

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Paint is an important part of the interior decoration. It is prone to some difficult problems, which may cause headaches and may affect the construction behind. Today, Xiaobian tells everyone how to solve the eight major problems common in paint, so let's take a look!

First, the paint peeling off

It may be because the surface is too smooth. If the original paint is lacquered or powdery (with untreated paint coating), the new paint will not stick to the surface, or it may be decayed or rusted, or due to poor paint quality. Peeling off. A small area of ​​paint peeling off, first sanded with fine sandpaper, then put on putty, brush the primer, and then repaint. Large areas of peeling must be scraped off and repainted.

How to solve the common problems of paint

Second, paint blistering

First of all, the bubble is broken, if there is water, it means that there is moisture infiltration under the paint layer or behind the sun. After the sun shines, the water evaporates into steam, which will make the patent leather foam. At this point, the hot air spray gun is used to remove the foamed paint, the wood is naturally dried, then the primer is applied, and finally the entire repair surface is repainted. If there is no water in the bubble, it may be cracked in the wood grain, and there is a small amount of air inside. After the sun shines, the air expands and the patent leather bulges. In the face of this situation, first scrape off the foamed patent leather, then fill the crack with the resin filler, repaint, or do not use the filler, after scraping off the patent leather, directly apply the microporous paint.

Third, cracks appear

In this case, it is mostly necessary to remove the paint with a chemical paint remover or a hot air spray gun before repainting. If the fracture range is not large, you can use sanding block or wet and dry sandpaper to wet the water, grind off the broken paint, after the surface is smoothed, put on the putty, brush the primer, and repaint.

Fourth, the stain

There are many reasons for stains on the paint surface. For example, the water in the latex paint dissolves the material on the wall and rusts the paint surface. The wall surface rubbed with steel wool will produce rust spots, and the dark pipe in the wall will leak and appear stains. To prevent stains, first apply a primer containing aluminum powder. If stains have appeared, remove the latex paint from the stains, brush the primer containing aluminum powder, and then repaint.

Five, loss of luster

The reason is that the primer is not applied, or the primer and the inner layer paint are not dried, and the varnish is directly applied. As a result, the varnish is absorbed by the wood and loses its luster. The poor quality of varnish is also a cause. Use old wet and dry sandpaper to rub off the old paint, brush off the dust, wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth, and then dry it again. It is important to note that painting in a very low temperature environment may also result in loss of gloss after the film has dried.

Six, the paint surface is rough

The newly painted surface is rough, usually because the paint brush used is not clean or contaminated by the surrounding environment. It is also possible that the paint is mixed with patent leather, which has not been precipitated and filtered before use, or that the paint is dusty when it is not dry. To prevent this from happening, a clean paint brush and paint bucket must be used. Always filter with paint filter paper or clean nylon stockings before using the old paint. In addition, the painted surface should be covered with a cover or cardboard when the paint is not dry to prevent dust. If the paint surface is rough, after it has dried out, smooth it with a dry and wet sandpaper, wipe it off, and then paint again. Pay special attention to the paint brush must be clean.

Seven, the paint is not dry

If the room is not well ventilated or the temperature is too low, the paint will dry slowly. It is possible to open all doors and windows to promote ventilation, or to place a heater inside to increase the room temperature. If the problem is still not solved, the painted surface may be greasy. This can be done by chemical paint remover or heat removal, thoroughly rubbing the surface and then repainting.

Eight, the paint surface sticks to the bug

Try to remove the bugs when the paint is not dry, then use a brush to lightly polish the surface. If the paint has begun to dry out, wait until the paint film is completely hard and then wipe off the bug so that it does not make the surface messy.

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