Xi Meng Bao: feelings create future responsibility to carry hope

Ximengbao creates the future with emotions and carries hope with responsibility

Hi Mengbao always prides itself on "following children's growth"

Since the establishment of Ximengbao in 1988, it has never forgotten the original intention of accompanying children to grow up, giving children the same trust and care, and giving them the right to respect and choose. In this way, unconsciously, from the tenth year of the country's reform and opening up, Xi Mengbao has gone through 27 years of hard work. From accompanying these children to growing up, they have grown to become the backbone of the country. They are still choosing the inheritance of children's furniture brands for the next generation. They are more willing to give this trust to Ximengbao, and they are more accustomed to This long-term companion continues to the children.

Xi Mengbao always takes the topic of "public interest"

Mr. Qiu Jiduan, the founder of Ximengbao, is not only well-known in the industry he is engaged in, but also has spared no effort in the dedication of education and charity. He has also served as the honorary president of several education funds and sports funds in China. Since 1989, Ximengbao has sponsored the Fujian Women's Volleyball Team in China for 24 years. In cooperation with the Red Cross Society, the Ximengbao Red Cross Care Fund was launched, and charity concerts and other charity concerts were held. The growth experience has become richer and more meaningful.

Xi Mengbao always takes "responsibility" as the list

In the 27 years of mature development, Ximengbao Children's Furniture insists on providing high quality products for each family, and aims to bring value-added customer experience to consumers. It insists that the furniture is made of pure imported South American pine wood. During the processing, Ximengbao uses environmentally-friendly UV paint technology to achieve no aldehyde interference from the inside to the outside, ensuring a clean and worry-free furniture environment for children. It is worth mentioning that Ximengbao has always adhered to the promise of “every tree, must plant a tree”. It is this sense of social responsibility that drives Ximengbao to go further.

Consumers choose Ximengbao, a trustworthy conscience enterprise. Except for it to bring consumers reasonable prices and high quality products, the most important thing is to have a lasting ingenuity. Maybe we can call it For a feeling, the future created is always looking forward to.

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