Towel wash cheats to clean towels no longer bother

Towels are used every day for washing your face and washing your hands. New towels will soon become dirty and old. Unrecognizable, especially towels on the kitchen, are very dirty. With ordinary methods of cleaning, there will still be residual marks, and towels used in the kitchen will also have a bad taste. Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a towel to wash Cheats, and quickly learn!

Towel washing tips

Rinse water method

Use a towel each time, rinse it with a clean, then dry it under the sun.

Laundry detergent cleaning

Towels should be thoroughly washed once every 2-3 days. Pour the laundry liquid into a pot and dissolve it with warm water. Soak the towel for half an hour. Wash both towels with both hands. Rinse with clean water. Be sure to rinse both sides.

Boil towel disinfection

About every month, cook a towel, put the towel into the pot, pour boiling water, the amount of water must not pass through the towel, pour a little salt, first open the fire and boil, then turn to medium heat and cook for 15 minutes, cook and wait until The water is cold, remove the towel, wring out the water, and drying to the sun to dry, which can play a role in disinfection and sterilization.

Lemonade cleaning

Slice the lemon, put it in a pot and add it to a boil, then use a boiled lemonade to clean the towel and you can see the stubborn stains on the white towel.

White vinegar cleaning

Mix a little white vinegar with water and wash the towels with white vinegar to remove the sourness on the towels and sterilize them.

Rice washing

The rice washed with water will be retained, and the towel will be soaked in water for one hour. The towel will become white and soft.

Salt water cleaning

Two tablespoons of salt are added to the water, and the towels are put into the brine and soaked and then washed to remove the creamy feeling of the towels and make the towels refreshing and bactericidal.

Because the towels are very absorbent, if those detergents still remain on the purchase after you can not think about it, so please be sure to use an effective method to clean the towels, there are towels after use for three months, remember to change the towels regularly, such as three Change it once a month. Hot water can eliminate the bacteria inside the towel. For more information on towel cleaning, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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