Solid wood flooring laying direction solid wood flooring construction technology pavement considerations

When the home floor is renovated, the most important thing is nothing more than the paving of Solid Wood Flooring. The home is decorated with solid wood flooring. How natural, flat and beautiful it is to lay is a science. In another horizontal, vertical spread of the points on the paving direction, then in the end how laying solid wood flooring should we do? Wood floor tiling process then what is it? Next, we have solid wood flooring and construction technology direction Note Matters and everyone to talk about.

First, solid wood flooring wood floor laying process

1. Ground requirements

First of all, the moisture in the cement floor should be eliminated. If the water in the concrete floor is not removed before the floor is installed, there may be a certain amount of moisture shock waves.

Dry or not we can hardly see with the naked eye, a simple test method is: a few pieces of plastic film were placed on the ground, and then sealed with tape around, after 12 hours, if there is no moisture condensation on the plastic film, It shows that the ground is dry.

2. Solid wood floor wood floor laying process

1. The direction of solid wood flooring is usually the same as the direction of the room. Follow the step-by-step process. Place wooden blocks between the floor and the wall in order to leave enough contraction joints. When the cable is pulled, check the flatness of the floor. Then install the floor. .

2. When laying the floor in the last row, cut it by measuring its width, assemble it, and use a pull hook to make it tight.

3. Close and bridge installation. In the room, the seams between the living room, the floor is necessary to do the processing of the partition, leaving space for the transition with the transition, so laying the advantages are: to reduce the floor consumption, so that the floor is more closely posted, and this way The effect of laying out is not easily deformed, and maintenance is also very convenient.

4. Skirting board installation: The thickness of the skirting board should be greater than 1.2cm. When installing, the expansion gap of the floor is kept within 8-10mm.

Blanks are filled with polystyrene or elastomer, this is to prevent the floor from loosening.

Second, on the floor laying direction

Floor horizontal or vertical shop well? About the direction of solid wood flooring shop, there are many online decoration people have given the answer:

1) Find benchmarks

Take the long side of the living room as the direction of the shop. If the living room is floored, then other rooms will be paved along the direction of the living room; if the living room does not have solid wood floors, then the direction of the long side of the restaurant will prevail; other rooms are also It is laid out in the same direction; if the restaurant is not covered with wooden floors, then each room can be laid out independently, and the direction of the long side of each room is the basis, and it does not need to maintain the same direction.

2) Light source

Solid wood flooring laying direction can be laid in accordance with the light source.

3) Walkway

The average walkway is relatively narrow, so it should be laid down the walkway.

Third, paving considerations

1, material: home decoration should generally use strip wood flooring, according to their own economic strength to choose the type of wood flooring, under normal circumstances should try to use solid wood flooring. Public areas can be selected according to the need for a square floor.

2, paving: home decoration should generally be suspended laying method, in the cottage and the first floor must add moisture pad. The suspension laying method can also level the entire interior floor by adding different floor thickness pads, so it is most suitable for families to use different materials to paved the ground. Because the sticking method is simple and economical, it is also more suitable for home improvement.

3, direction: the direction of the pavement of the strip wood floor must be long to the pedestrian direction or light direction, otherwise the shop is not beautiful and easy to damage the wooden floor.

4, practice:

(1) Wood floor seams have a high quality. No matter what method is used for paving, the outlets should be fully covered with woodworking glue (or white latex) before splicing. This effectively avoids the floor noise and crevice product. gray.

(2) A gap of 8 to 10 mm must be left between the wooden floor and the surrounding wall to release and adapt to the deformation of the wooden floor. Otherwise, the wooden floor will be arched after changes in temperature and humidity.

(3) The longitudinal direction of the strip wood floor is through seams, and the short seams must be staggered (usually riding seams).

(4) In order to prevent deformation and shrinkage of the floor seams, floor springs shall be installed in the longitudinal direction of the wooden floor and in the joints of the wall. Permits may be granted, and short springs may be installed in the short direction.

(5) All sawn sections of wooden floors should be painted and sealed with varnish. All wood floors contain more or less formaldehyde (used for preservation). After six floors of wood floors are painted, formaldehyde is trapped inside and cannot be released. Therefore, product environmental tests are all satisfactory, but the sawing is broken when paving. The cross section is like an open door, releasing all the formaldehyde and organic volatiles inside, and it is bound to cause indoor environmental pollution. This is why the floors we buy are very environmentally friendly, but after they are laid, they feel pungent and blinking. the reason.

Editor's summary: The information on the direction of the laying of solid wood flooring and the considerations for the construction of solid wood flooring is introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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