Tu Qi: The development of China's furniture industry began to shift to intensive quality


China became the world's largest furniture exporter from 2006, and exports reached 49.9 billion US dollars in 2012, basically growing at a growth rate of 20% to 30% every year, from a large furniture manufacturing country to a big exporting country Has been rapidly developed.


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"In 2012, the total furniture output value of the whole industry reached 1.130 trillion yuan, of which 30% was exported, so we can see that whether it is from the Chinese furniture market demand or the international furniture market, we have a very broad Market demand space. "Said Tu Qi, director of the Information Department of China Furniture Association.


When the furniture industry entered a steady development, it was also quietly transforming. In Tu Qi's view, the development of China's furniture industry began to shift from the pursuit of scale and quantity to intensive quality.


"21st Century": As of the end of last year, China's furniture industry has become the world's largest furniture production and consumption country for five consecutive years. How is the development of the furniture industry this year? What are the new changes and new features presented by the industry?


Tu Qi: In the first three quarters of 2013, the above-scale enterprises completed the main business income of 450.926 billion yuan, the output was 46605.64 million pieces, and the accumulated profit was 24.153 billion yuan. The profit growth rate of the furniture industry exceeded the growth rate of the main business income, fixed asset investment maintained a growth of 25.4%, the growth rate of loss narrowed, and the quality of economic operation was further improved.


Since 2013, the government ’s use of stimulus policies and administrative measures to reduce human intervention in macroeconomic development has been gradually reduced. Policy measures such as simplifying administration and decentralization, expanding the scope of the “employment reform and increase” pilot program, and improving the survival environment of small and micro enterprises have continuously released the dividends of reform and innovation. , Injecting new vitality into the smooth operation of the furniture industry. The distribution market of the furniture industry has developed greatly and the channels have been diversified, and e-commerce has become a hot spot. Since 2013, uncertainty in the foreign trade market has increased, new market capacity that can be developed has decreased, and traditional competitive advantages have been challenged more. The furniture industry and related industries are interpenetrating, intersecting and reorganizing, and the industry integration has an in-depth development trend. The integration of production, education and research has accelerated, and product design has received unprecedented attention.


"21st Century": The Marketing Committee of China Furniture Association issued "Opinions on Standardizing E-commerce Work" to condemn Tmall's O2O model. The furniture industry is currently seeking transformation. What is the direction of the transformation?


Tu Qi: This opinion is not to condemn a certain model, but to emphasize the importance of recognizing the importance of e-commerce, and actively expand a new marketing and display platform. The China Furniture Association actively supports the long-term development of furniture e-commerce. In this process, it is necessary to establish brand awareness, realize online and offline business dislocations, and at the same time take into account the interests of consumers, manufacturing enterprises, distributors, and furniture stores. Win-win cooperation guarantees the healthy and stable sustainable development of China's furniture industry.


At present, the furniture industry has ushered in a period of steady development. The industry no longer advocates to become bigger, but to become refined and new, to enhance the status of independent brands in the world, and to encourage original design.


"21st Century": In order to occupy a favorable position in the world market and develop new markets, what other aspects of the Chinese furniture industry need further breakthroughs?


Tu Qi: Chinese furniture companies should pay more attention to brand building and original design, and strive to produce high-quality furniture products, so that Chinese manufacturing becomes Chinese creation. We must also better cope with the increasingly strict access standards of developed countries in Europe and the United States, and strengthen the promotion of relevant laws and standards. While consolidating the traditional international market, we must further develop new markets and encourage furniture companies to "go global". In addition, with the increasing production costs and labor costs today, enterprises must further standardize management, improve production processes, achieve intensive production, and enhance their international competitiveness.


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