The recognition rate of children's multifunctional furniture is as high as 70%, and the penetration rate is less than 30%


       Compared with ordinary furniture, children's furniture can be accompanied by children's growth, and multi-functional furniture that meets the needs of their lives and learning at all ages is very popular with parents. So, are children's multifunctional furniture as powerful as advertised? How many families are willing to buy such furniture? The survey shows that the recognition rate of children's multifunctional furniture is as high as 70%, but the penetration rate is less than 30%.


Senbaiyuan Chinese style cypress wood crib


An interesting phenomenon was found through the survey: on the one hand, as many as 69.2% of households thought it was necessary to buy children's multifunctional furniture; on the other hand, 76.9% of the respondents did not purchase children's multifunctional furniture at home. The store manager of the famous children's furniture brand Xingsuo said that almost all parents will consult the sales staff for children's multifunctional furniture when buying furniture for their children. Not many people.


According to the survey, the study table and growth bed are the multi-functional furniture that parents want to buy for their children. Among them, 41.7% of the families are willing to buy study desks; 33.3% of the parents are willing to buy growth beds. In Beijing Chengwaicheng Children's Furniture World, a store manager told reporters that parents are more interested in growing beds than ordinary children's beds. In some brand stores with more growth bed styles, their sales can even occupy half of the store's sales.


At present, when purchasing children's multifunctional furniture, 87% of parents put safety and practicality first. In well-known furniture stores such as Beijing Actual House and Chengwaicheng, it is found that most of the growing beds for sale are equipped with safety guardrails and safety stairs, and the corners of many study tables have also been rounded. In addition, almost all children's furniture brands use pine as the first choice for furniture materials, and mostly use pine water-based paint to ensure the environmental performance of furniture.


At present, 53.8% of netizens limit the cost of buying children's multifunctional furniture from 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan. But it is found that this price can generally only buy one mainstream children's multifunctional furniture, and the price of some growing beds is even higher than this price.




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