Hardware lock maintenance method summary

Although it is a hardware gadget, it is included in the door and window hardware, but it plays a vital role in daily life, so pay attention to how to maintain it. Here are some of the maintenance methods for locks:

1. When the door lock is not good, switch some lubricant on the oblique tongue.

2, some locks can not be refueled, such as the mother beads lock heart.

3, the door seam can not be too large, easy to be opened and shake the sound.

4. When the key is not easy to insert or withdraw, spray some light lubricating oil, and the oil that is not too strong will not move.

5. The anti-theft door has a lattice type, and the anti-theft wire is inserted into the oblique lock puller which is automatically locked, and the door is opened.

6, lock the heart not to rain. Flushing, because there is a small spring inside which will rust and fail to be flexible.

7, do not use the key to open the door directly, the key to open the door lock, the lock does not return to the original directly pull the key to open the door, the lock will not be long after you will say goodbye to you.

8, the locomotive keys do not have a large string, connected in series, when the locomotive is running, the key shaking and weight will wear the lock heart, the key will slide out for a long time.

9, automatic lock is easy to break.

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