Live platform APP development

For the development of the live broadcast platform, look for Huang Sheng 199-2565-7856, the customization of the live broadcast system, the construction of the live broadcast system, the development of the live broadcast mode, the development of the live broadcast system, and the development of the live broadcast app.

Now the developers of short video systems pay more attention to the user's use problems, not to mention other functions, only to talk about short video clip shooting:

1. Know live broadcast + e-commerce

1. A new form of e-commerce, using live content to increase sales

2. The current content e-commerce first choice: live broadcast has changed the form of conventional graphic static display products

3. The core of e-commerce live broadcast is that e-commerce live broadcast is a new advanced operation method of e-commerce

Second, what can the live e-commerce system do

1. Pry sales

Combined with the current live broadcast outlet, the emergence of the Internet celebrity economy, store access to live broadcast, bringing high-traffic entrance

2. Interactive and social shopping

Interactive behavior can guide impulsive consumption; shallow socialization can bring herd behavior to improve shopping conversion rate

3. Creative and fun new e-commerce gameplay Huang Sheng 199-2565-7856

The homogenization of the e-commerce platform is becoming more and more serious, and the difference in content can help the platform acquire customers and achieve conversion

4. Change consumption scenarios and paths

Scenario-based live broadcasting, which allows users to understand the product more comprehensively to avoid the embarrassment of seller shows and buyer shows

3. E-commerce and live streaming

First determine the essence: e-commerce is the essence, live broadcast is the content. Let users know more about their brands, and let merchants find users more accurately.

1. Gameplay 1: The emergence of the internet celebrity economy The internet celebrity has prompted the emergence of this new monetization means! Typical representative: Liu Yanju cost-effective live event

2. Game two: the shallow socialization of the real-time economic group brings trust, the user's sense of substitution is the key, the simultaneous sending of coupons, the release of restricted activities

3. Game three: Show offline large-scale offline events, combined with online live broadcast synchronization, to achieve offline activities across regional restrictions

4. Game 4: The special series uses live broadcast to spread the knowledge of product relevance, learn more while understanding the product and generate purchase desires

4. Application scenarios for live broadcast e-commerce Huang Sheng 199-2565-7856

1. Products with intuitive usage scenarios such as: cosmetics, clothing

2. Group consumer products such as: group purchase, crowdfunding

3. Decision-making tourism and entertainment scenes such as: Xidi Hongcun, Underwater World

The function of short video shooting and editing must be, not only, but also to use beauty to stimulate the user ’s desire to display, to stimulate users to shoot more videos and show themselves more. Fast forward and slow play, etc.) are essential.

To solve the above problems, we must start from the external market environment. Credit issues and tax issues need to be advanced through the formulation of relevant economic policies. Security issues and identification issues need to be ensured by strengthening technological progress. For legal issues and privacy issues, legislation related to e-commerce needs to be strengthened. The promotion of online shopping by consumers requires the participation and guidance of the whole society. Therefore, the development of e-commerce is a systematic project, which requires enterprise leadership, government guidance and social participation.

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