How to maintain the optical transceiver?

Because the general transmitters follow the front-end video acquisition equipment, the installation locations are relatively decentralized and need to be supplied with independent chassis. There are usually two methods for power supply for security monitoring: Centralized centralized power supply and local power supply. Because of the use of optical transceivers for transmission, the distances between the front and back ends are relatively long, so centralized power supply methods are rarely used. The receivers are generally located in the equipment room of the monitoring center, and are not as scattered as the transmitters. If the power supply mode is used as the front-end transmitters, the receivers will occupy a large amount of space in the equipment room and appear disorderly and incapable of unified management. Therefore, the center receiver power supply can be powered by a card-type chassis, and do not fully insert the slots, and can be opened every few slots, which is beneficial to heat dissipation of the optical transceiver. It should be noted that the laser components of the optical transceiver and the photoelectric conversion module are most vulnerable to the impact of the instantaneous pulse current, so it is not appropriate to switch the machine on and off frequently.

The front-end transmitters are mostly installed in the front-end distribution box. Attention should be paid to the dust-proof and waterproof of the distribution box. In order to facilitate the heat dissipation of the distribution box and the full box, the distribution box with the fan must be considered. The monitoring center's equipment room should keep the environment clean and tidy, and often pay attention to clean-up. Do not have dust. It is better to put the equipment into the equipment room after the equipment room is renovated. If the equipment room is renovated, it should be promptly cleaned up. In the equipment room, there are generally many devices that are installed in the cabinet in a centralized manner. The device generates a large amount of heat. When the conditions for cooling and cooling are poor, it is advisable to install an air conditioning system to ensure normal operation of the optical transceiver.

When installing the optical transceiver, protect the site in a timely manner and protect it from moisture, water, and dust. At the same time, pay attention to the actual operation on the site. Use proper optical fibers. Do not use faulty optical fibers. If they do not match, the optical transceiver transmission quality will be seriously affected. When it comes to fiber optic cable splices, it is also important to note that the optical attenuation or loss of the measurement cable is within the effective range.

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