Reasons and solutions for chlorosis and yellowing of wheat seedlings

In the recent stage, it was found in the field that some wheat seedling leaves or whole leaves began to chlorotic and yellow, and some village groups had about 20% yellow area, and the wheat seedlings in individual areas were dead. For this situation, experts gave A scientific solution has emerged.

The reason is that the first place is persistent drought when planting, some farmers do not apply the bottom (base) fertilizer or fertilization in time, and the wheat seedlings encounter continuous rain after the outfit, and no fertilizer is applied immediately, so that the wheat seedlings cannot be absorbed. Nutrition and de-fertilization, growing yellow and thin; Second, many farmers lacking labor use herbicides to control weeds, because the selected herbicides are not right or the application concentration is too large, or repeated spraying, so that the wheat seedlings suffer phytotoxicity; The third is that it is damaged by the wheat spider, which often causes the wheat seedlings to become blocky or damaged, and the yellow leaves are reddish.

In summary, the yellowing of wheat seedlings is mainly caused by the shortage of fertilizer and water, phytotoxics and pests, and poor drainage in the field. In this regard, the following measures should be taken to improve the ecological environment in the field, cultivate strong seedlings, and lay a good foundation for high yield. In terms of fertilization, it is necessary to quickly apply quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer. In order to promote the transformation of wheat seedlings as soon as possible, it is necessary to immediately apply nitrogen fertilizer, 15~20 kg of urea per acre or 40~60 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, or 1000~1500 kg of water dung. At the same time, both medicine and fertilizer can alleviate phytotoxicity. An optional plant growth promoter 0.01% of Tianfengsu or Baoji (alkaline lactone), two can use 0.05% of "920", three can use "802" 2000 times liquid, different from the actual situation spray 1~2 Second, the four can be sprayed with active liquid fertilizer Huimanfeng or Zhuangfuxing 2000 times liquid, which can gradually restore the normal growth of the wheat seedlings.

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