Mixed flow pump purchase Raiders: the most common faults and solutions to the most mixed flow pump

In the use of mixed flow pump process, what problems often appear? Mixed flow pump common faults and how to solve? Today, Xiaobian here mixed flow pump five common questions for everyone to make a simple analysis , To help everyone to better use mixed-flow pump, improve work efficiency. Mixed flow pump common faults and solutions 1, drive shaft or motor bearing overheating causes: the lack of oil or bearing rupture. The solution: add oil or replace bearing 2, mixed flow pump no water causes: the pump body and suction pipe did not fill the diversion; water level lower than the pump water pipe; suction pipe rupture. Solution: Eliminate the end of the valve failure, filled with diversion; reduce the pump installation location, so that the filter under the water level, or wait for the water level up the filter pipe and then pumping; repair or replace the suction pipe. 3, Francis pump power consumption is too large cause: pump speed is too high; pump spindle bending or spindle and motor pump spindle is not concentric or not; use the pump head is not appropriate; pump inhalation of sediment or plug; motor ball bearings damaged Wait. Solution: Check the circuit voltage, reduce the pump speed; Correction of the pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor; Use a suitable lift pump; Clean up sediment or plug; Replace the motor ball bearings. 4, mixed-flow pump pump vibration or noise causes: pump installation is not strong or the pump is installed too high; motor ball bearings damaged; pump spindle bending or spindle with the motor is not the heart, not parallel and so on. Solution: install a steady pump or reduce the installation of the pump; replace the motor ball bearings; correct bending of the pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor. 5, mixed flow of less than pump flow causes: the impact of pump flow is less than the suction pipe leaks, the bottom valve leaks; inlet blockage; bottom valve into the water depth is not enough; pump speed is too low; seal ring or impeller wear too much; water absorption height Exceeded and so on. Solution: check the mixed flow pump suction pipe and the end of the valve, block the leakage source; clean mixed flow pump inlet silt or plugging; bottom valve into the water depth must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the inlet pipe to increase the depth of the bottom valve into the water; Check the Power Supply voltage, increase the pump speed, replace the seal ring or impeller; reduce the installation location of the pump, or replace the high-lift mixed-flow pump. Further reading: Pump and Valve Tube & Pipe Fittings Exhibition Information 2016 Exhibition Information Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: Li Juan (QQ / WeChat :) (Service Hotline:)

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