Earthworm pest control science and technology

The mantle is also known as a common underground pest. Many crops are inevitably invaded by the mantle. What are the methods to control the mantle? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. Morphological characteristics Species, also known as mantle and vegetable carp, are larvae of the fly, belonging to the Diptera flower fly pest. The larvae are like feces, and the mature larvae are about 7 mm long, milky white and slightly yellow.

2. Characteristics of life habits and hazards Adults like to eat rotten debris, and lay eggs on it, unfertilized manure, and insufficiently fermented cake fertilizers are most likely to attract adult eggs to lay eggs, so raw manure is most likely to occur. Adults can also lay eggs on soil seams, on the ground or near ground blades. The egg period is 3 to 5 days. After hatching, they are drilled into the soil to harm crops. Generally, the spring is the most dangerous.

Earthworms are important underground pests that harm various vegetables such as melons, beans, onions, and garlic. The pupa often clusters the young stems under the topsoil of the melon seedlings, the so-called hypocotyl parts, so that the germinated seeds can not be unearthed normally; or they are drilled from the roots of the seedlings, and the young stems are damaged upwards, so that the hypocotyls are hollow, rotten, and the aboveground parts are withered. Death is dying, causing severe lack of seedlings. Seedling hazards during seedlings often cause seedlings to die in seedlings.

3. Prevention methods

(1) Agricultural biological control First, the melon field should be deepened before winter to kill the winter. In the following year, try to plow as early as possible, so as to avoid the emergence of the flies, attracting adult eggs, and aggravating the harm. Secondly, the organic fertilizer should be fully decomposed, especially the nutrient soil of the seedbed. It is necessary to use the decomposed high-quality manure to avoid trapping the adult flies to lay eggs in the seedbed.

(2) For the prevention and treatment of pesticides, pre-sow 40% dimethoate emulsifiable concentrate is used for soaking seeds; when seedlings are planted and planted, 90% trichlorfon 1 000 times solution, or 50% dichlorvos, 50% phoxim emulsion 1 000 times solution is used. Spraying the seedbed and the seedlings near the rhizosphere can kill the eggs and kill the insects; when the seedlings are harmed, the ferrous sulfate 3,000-4,000 times solution or the 50% zinc-sulfur-phosphorus emulsion is used to prevent the roots, and the effect is also good.

The above is the prevention and control method of underground pests. To learn more about pesticides, please pay attention to the Chinese pesticide network.

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