Winter management technology of lentils

First, fertilize the land. The lentils are cultivated in the greenhouse in winter, which has a long growing period and requires a large amount of fertilizer. The base fertilizer should be reapplied. It can apply 100 kilograms of phosphate fertilizer, 50 kilograms of potassium fertilizer, and 2,500 kilograms of high quality heap fertilizer. Combined with fertilization, deep turn 30cm, and finely level the ground block.

Second, ridge planting film. High ridge single row planting, ridge width 40cm, furrow width 40cm, ridge height 15cm. The 150cm wide mulch is used to carry out the "dividing groove" method (ie, 1 membrane cover, 2 ridges and 1 ditch), and a lentil is planted on the ridge after the membrane is covered.

Third, planting and planting. In order to guarantee the supply of spring, it is advisable to sow seedlings 5 ​​days before and after the autumn equinox. It is sown with water in the bowl and then sown so that it can be planted with soil. When the seedlings are 3 to 4 pieces of true leaves, they are transplanted according to the specifications of 1 row, 1 meter 3 pier, and 1 pier. Not too dense. Otherwise, the seedlings are long, the flowers are falling, or they are not podded.

Fourth, strengthen management. Before sowing, before the emergence of the seedlings, the temperature should be maintained at 25 ~ 30 ° C to promote the emergence of seedlings. The seedling bed temperature after emergence is preferably 20 to 25 ° C to prevent high seedlings. After the true leaves were unfolded, the temperature was maintained at 20 °C. 5 to 6 days before planting, the seedlings are smelted at a low temperature of 18 to 20 °C. After planting and slowing down the seedlings, the shed temperature is controlled at 20 to 25 °C during the day and 12 to 15 °C during the night, and cannot be lower than 10 °C. Enter the harsh winter, if there is continuous cloudy or severe cold weather, it should be warmed up.

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