Why buy a safe?

Reasons for purchasing confidential filing cabinets and safes Uses: Suitable for families, business offices, banks, factories, government, public security, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, gas stations, jewelry shops, business offices, ATMs, cash registers, etc. The field is widely used. The use of insurance to attack jade is closely related to the lives and work of modern people.
Reason for purchase:
1. Placement of important documents and valuables. Such as contracts, contracts, birth certificates, real estate certificates, notary certificates, etc., can be avoided when they are needed due to random placement.
2, place a small amount of emergency or standby cash, commemorative coins, valuable collections or very personal items, stamps, coins, antiques, jewelry, jewelry, gold watches and so on.
3, place personal items, personal special supplies, other people should not see the items.
4, placed children should not be exposed to items, drugs, dangerous goods (such as guns), adult products.
5. The trend of unsecured modern home decoration, more and more frequent social life, and the frequent need of foreign workers at home.
To choose a safe, you can basically consider the following aspects:
First of all, we must distinguish the safe (cabinet) and safe deposit box (cabinet), and the cement safe deposit box, mainly depends on whether there is 3C certification, the state regulations to obtain 3C certification is called safe (cabinet), otherwise it is called safe deposit box (cabinet) anti-theft safe (Box) General door thickness is 8-10 mm, cabinet thickness is 6 mm. Some safe deposit box doors look very thick, in fact, just add a circle of steel plate (sandwich panel) around the door panel, the middle of the door panel is actually very hollow, in order to achieve the purpose of deceiving consumers.
1, steel plate material selection: From the thickness of the steel plate, material, origin, etc. to distinguish, these are related to the use of electric drill, cutting and other special tools to destroy, the safe (cabinet) capacity.
2. Forming and welding: Check whether the cabinet body is formed once, check the gap between the door and the door frame, whether the switch is flexible, if the gap is too large, the anti-smashing function is weakened, and the cracks on the fireproof safe are not allowed.
3, anti-theft structure: This is the core part of the safe. Because it can't be detected by the user in the box, it is the key to prevent the technical opening. At the time of purchase, the user may ask the merchant to open the back cover of the door to see if the traditional structure inside is precise and if the drive is flexible. Also look at the lock bolt structure, the thicker the diameter of the bolt, the better, and now some safe door bolt appearance looks very thick, but in fact very short, the connection is a very fine chain, so unsafe.
4, locks: If you say that the traditional structure is a surface, then the lock is the most important part, due to destroy the lock or modeled. Now the appearance of some safes looks very beautiful, but as soon as a tap is made, the entire lock falls, and it is unsafe to open the door without a key. A truly secure lock is a spinlock lock with three anti-stick effects (anti-drilling, anti-skid, and anti-copy). Factorial spin locks have anti-drill rings on the outside.
5. Function: The spare parts must be processed to ensure their reliable performance and meet the standard safety factor to cope with the ever-changing use environment; the insurance (box) cabinets sold on the market are divided into electronic passwords, mechanical passwords, and electronic passwords. Easy to operate, change the password arbitrary desire to have vibration, percussion, three error code alarm; can also be wireless phone network alarm function, greatly improve the security performance of the safe. The mechanical password type is the traditional type insurance (box) cabinet in China because it needs to turn the password disk every time it is opened. It is inconvenient to operate, and the password is basically fixed on the factory configuration number. If the password is forgotten after the modification, the service cannot be performed.
Currently, only a few safe makers on the market have mastered the mobile phone network alarm. This technology uses it to enable the anti-theft system to be upgraded to an early warning function.
6, spraying process; this process if not handled will affect the appearance of the box, if serious, it will result in functional damage, the real anti-theft insurance (box) cabinet has gone through more than 10 processes, zinc phosphate treatment, coating The layer has high hardness, good peel strength, and has been pickled before spraying. The coating will never peel off in general non-hazardous environments. The craftsmanship is strict, the color is beautiful and diverse, and it meets the modern aesthetic requirements. Inexpensive safes, spray paints, and paints that are easy to handle, can be easily shed, rusted, changed, etc. in a short time.
7. Custom-designed safes: Customized according to the customer's own actual size and configuration.
8, installation: to buy a small safe, must be fixed, the need to install the fixed safe customers, should check whether the installation due to the fixed bolt hole, the hole is generally in the bottom and back of the anti-theft safe, after purchase should Promptly follow the product specification standards to verify its quality.
9, after-sales service: safe (box) is a special commodity, it has a problem, we must have a dedicated, professional, high-quality, technical and excellent after-sales service team, in order to ensure that users at any time without any worries.

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      Copper Press Fitting(AS3688)

Copper press fitting(AS 3688) is a kind of up-to-date.healthy.eco-friendly and safe pipeline.
Suit Medium:Cold Water, Hot Water, Compressed Air, Gas, Oil Etc
Press tool: Novopresse
Proper temperature: -20°C up to 120 Â°C (for drinking system and sanitary ware systems), 180 Â°C for solar applications
Pressure: up to 1.6mpa (16bar)
Areas of use: Drinking water, heating, rainwater, solar systems, fire extinguishing systems, sprinkler systems(wet), ship building, inter gases, cooling water pipes, compressed air(oil free),boiler, water heater 
Press fitting range:
Coupling -- Straight coupling FF press, Reducing coupler FF press, Fitting reducer MF press 
Elbow -- Bend 90°FM press, Bend 90°FF press, Bend 45°FM press, Bend 45°FF press
Tee -- Equal tee FFF press , Reducing tee FFF press 
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Copper Press Fitting(AS3688)

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