shocked! Foreigners are so fond of safes

After revisiting "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex and the City," I deeply fell into the investigation of the family life of foreigners and found that their families must have refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, etc. In addition to these household appliances. There is another absolutely indispensable, that is the safe!
What are the reasons that cause these nuts to love safes so much!
Don't you know yet? Safes have already flown into all walks of life and have fallen into thousands of households. Business offices, banks, government, public security, hotels, jewelry shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, ATM machines, cash registers... have been occupied without realizing it. In all areas, even the security awareness of the Chinese people has risen to an unprecedentedly new height! Even in the festival offerings on the Ching Ming Festival, there are safes! What about foreigners? Why foreigners are willing to spend money on safes!
That's right! The big reason is the arrival of the era of negative interest rates! Ten thousand deposits into the bank for one year, as prices rise, you will find that not only will not increase, but also "loss" 45 yuan! No wonder even foreigners choose to deposit money in safes! Of course, there are other factors. Let's understand this.
The legendary neighbourhood community, fired by Sherlock, the world's detective, lives in the neighborhood of the neighborhood district. Although the expansion of public roads has solved the problem of the traffic network, it is! When you think of the cars coming from downstairs, the property safety at home cannot be guaranteed. The open-plan community says you know it! Terrible not! More terrible behind! The United States can buy guns! If you don't keep your guns in good condition, give it to Bear's Child! ! The consequences must not be so beautiful! Don't think too much. It's a matter of life or money. It doesn't allow you to think about it. Therefore, for the safety of the family, it is better to lock in the safe and not to use it.
Moreover, according to recent news reports, the official launch of the first gun shopping channel in the United States is now a complete solution. Why do foreigners prefer to spend money on safes!
Do you think these are far away from us? NO NO NO! In order to promote the block system in the construction of new residential buildings in China, the built residential communities should gradually be opened, and the “road map” for the development of Chinese cities has come out! ! !
You think that something far away from you has already been put on a tight footing in the new planning of urban planning. It scares the baby to hurry to buy a safe and has worked hard for several years in order not to return to liberation. Before, I had no safe, immediately, immediately, and I must drag a safe home online in China's safe transactions!
China's safe trading network brings to consumers high-end tastes and noble life, and it is an intelligent, global, and superior safe that is provided to everyone! My mother no longer has to worry about my deposit! ! !

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