How to maintain customer relationships

The end of the transaction does not mean the end of the customer relationship, but also to maintain contact with customers in the after-sales process to ensure that their sense of satisfaction continues. Customers are more willing to interact with people like them. They want their relationship with the company to outstrip the simple relationship of buying and selling, so it is important to establish good interaction with each customer.


1. Old customer maintenance;

The old customer marketing, simply means how to use emotion to maintain customer relationships, so that customers feel warm, willing to make friends with the company, willing to spend again and introduce friends to buy. Here, emotional communication is an important way to maintain customer relationships.

Daily visits, festive greetings, wedding celebrations, a blessing on birthdays, and a bouquet of flowers will make customers feel warm and let customers know that she is an important customer of the company. In order to further warm the customer, customers can participate in the activities organized by the company and feel the corporate culture.

For old customers, they can also introduce more preferential measures, such as quantity discounts, gifts, etc., and increase the willingness of old customers to introduce business through gift giving and paid introduction.

In short, the maintenance of old customers is progressive: From the development of standardization services to the individualized customer participation phase, customers can feel the warmth of their hearts.

2. Personalized service;

In fact, everyone enjoys the feeling of being valued and hopes to be unique in the minds of others. The relationship between the company and its customers is no exception. Apart from being part of the company's standardized service system, customers are eager to enjoy ultra-exclusive services. Personalized personal services can meet the customer's needs - obtaining a good psychological experience outside of the product during the purchase process.

From the standardization service stage to the personalized service stage, it is a changing process that requires the company to spend more manpower and material resources on the maintenance of customer relationships. Personalized services require companies to more fully understand the customer's situation, from the customer's occupation, identity, status to hobbies, family relations, etc., have a systematic grasp, through the existing data, to predict the customer's development trends, including career development And the purchasing power predicts, and makes the corresponding adjustment in the service according to the customer's change - This is the custom service, lets the customer feel the enterprise the care and the warmth more. Customization is a development idea, which reflects the company's database marketing capabilities. Not only must have more data, items are more clear, but also have the ability to data mining analysis, get more customer information from the data, and ultimately serve the customer.


Companies should focus on developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty to the company. Loyal customers are willing to buy more products and services from their companies. With the growth of loyal customers' age and economic income, the purchasing power of customers will be further enhanced. And, through the influence of loyal customers, their relatives and friends are also brought to buy. Therefore, carefully protect customer relationships and warm your customers.

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