The United States released high-efficiency energy-saving 6D purification water heaters hot water output rate of up to 96%

A few days ago, Midea held a press conference in Beijing and released a water heater 6D purification water system.

The pre-filtering device in this system uses food grade SUS304 stainless steel strainer to filter harmful substances such as impurities, red worms, sediment, rust and reduce liner erosion. After the net chlorination, used to filter residual chlorine and heavy metals.

In addition, the system piping is made of antibacterial material and sterilized by silver ions. Since ordinary water heaters do not heat the water in the tank to boiling, it cannot completely kill the bacteria. The 6D system also incorporates a vortex heating system to achieve sterilization by vortex heating the tube at an ultra-high temperature of 120 °C.

In order to avoid the common problem of completely renewing the water flow when the ordinary water heater water circulation, the 6D purification water system adopts the steady flow design of the patent water cyclone to strengthen the fluidity of the water in the inner tank. It can also be drained through a live water valve to remove harmful substances such as impurities, bacteria and chloroform.

The US side said that the hot water output rate of the 6D purified water heater is as high as 96%, and the hot water output rate can be increased to save energy.

In terms of intelligence, the 6D purified water heater supports the smart butler mode, which can match the heating time according to the user's bathing habits, and keep warm at other times. The A+ energy saving mode can save 20% more energy than the first level energy efficiency. Built-in Wifi upgrade system for remote control. The reservation mode automatically calculates the heating time based on the current water temperature and the time set by the user and completes the heating before the set time.

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