Bedding ranking

When we are busy at home for a day, the most enjoyable thing is to lie on a soft bed, take a good night's sleep, let the tired body rest and relax, and comfortable bedding to ensure good sleep quality. The key factor. Below, go will introduce you to the bedding rankings.


Bedding ranked one rich Anna

Fu Anna is a high-end brand of domestic bedding products. It has advanced R&D and design centers, and designs various styles and colors. The products are made of high-grade fabrics, and they are all in the whole frame. There is no mosaic cloth, exquisite craftsmanship, unique style and fine matching. Embroidery gives a feeling of luxury, elegance and romance, creating a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

Bedding ranking two dream clean

The product style of Mengjie Home Textile is unique. The professional and experienced designers have developed a wealth of home accessory products. Each product is unique and combines profound national culture with modern fashion art to win consumers with exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality. Favor.

Bedding ranked three roule

Luolai is a professional textile brand in China. It has a high reputation in China. Its products have formed its own unique style. The design is more European-style, fully embodying the romantic and elegant style of European style, advocating comfortable, warm and luxurious life. Ideal for people with high taste.

Bedding Rank 4: Violet

Established in 1995, it is a modern enterprise producing household goods. It has nearly 1,000 pieces of imported computer quilting equipment and high-speed sewing equipment. It has high automation production capacity. It mainly produces and operates quilting kits and bed sheet kits. . Single-piece, quilt, pillow, mattress, curtain, blanket, children, art wall hanging, hotel matching, and other nearly 10 categories of nearly 10 varieties, is currently a large-scale domestic bed decoration products Production base.

Bedding Rank 5: Mercury

Founded in 1987, the company specializes in home textiles. The company integrates R&D, design, production and sales. It is the first large-scale home textile enterprise in China that involves household textiles and forms a dominant brand. Its comprehensive strength ranks in the forefront of the same industry.

The above is the bedding ranking introduced by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope to provide some help for everyone's purchase, more relevant information, so stay tuned for the tracking report of

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