Test method for splitting tensile strength of permeable paving brick

Splitting tensile strength tester for permeable paving bricks, splitting tensile strength table for permeable paving bricks, splitting tensile strength testing machine for permeable paving bricks

Equipment selection:

1. Hydraulic pressure testing machine

The relative error of the indication value of the hydraulic pressure testing machine shall not exceed 1%. At least one section of the upper and lower pressure plates shall be ball-supported and can be rotated freely; the range selection shall be such that the expected breaking load of the specimen is 20%-80% of full scale.

2, two gaskets

The width of each piece is 15 ± 1 mm and thick (4 ± 1) mm. The length of the gasket should be at least 10 mm longer than the expected fracture surface of the test piece. The material of the pad is a five-ply board.

3, steel ruler

Graduation value 1 mm

4, vernier caliper

(0-125)mm, precision 0.02mm,

5, cutting machine, polishing machine, level

6, workbench

A smooth surface with a suitable area and a hard surface. It should be used after being level tested.

Selection of test pieces:

The number of test pieces is five complete permeable paving bricks. The curing age of permeable concrete pavers should be greater than 28d.

experiment procedure:

Place the test piece and two gaskets on the hydraulic pressure tester. The test piece was evenly loaded at a loading speed of 0.04 MPa/s to 0.06 MPa/s, and the breaking load P was recorded.

Calculation of test results:

Calculate the area of ​​the failure surface of the test piece according to the formula, to the nearest 0.1mm^2:


In the formula:

S----the area of ​​the failure surface, the unit is square millimeter (mm^2);

L—the average value of the length of the two sections on the upper and lower surfaces of the test piece, in millimeters (mm);

T—the average value of the two thickness values ​​measured at both ends of the fracture section of the test piece, in millimeters (mm)

Calculate the splitting tensile strength of the test piece according to the formula.


In the formula:

Fu—cracking tensile strength in megapascals (MPa);

P-—damage load in units of Newton CN);

K—the correction factor for the thickness of the test piece,

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