The effect of keel spacing on keel

The keel is mainly a kind of material used to support the shape and fixed structure in home decoration. Keel is the skeleton and base material for home decoration and it is very common. The most common are the ceiling keels and the keel of the wooden floor. The common material for floor keels is dried larch. The keel is generally only used for the laying of solid wood flooring, and composite flooring is generally not necessary. Next, Xiao Bian introduced the distance between the keel and the role of the keel.

Keel spacing

The floor should not be too far away from installing the wood bone. We must follow the spacing standards required for the installation of the wood keel, which should not exceed 350 mm. This is the maximum limit of the wood keel spacing and cannot exceed this limit. If it exceeds this limit, people who have a heavier weight will make a noise when stepping on the installed floor, which will cause a certain amount of noise, which will greatly affect the use of the floor and cause noise in the living space. The floor keel spacing when installing the floor must be guaranteed within the proper spacing range.

The role of the keel

1, in the laying of solid wood flooring, the use of floor keel can provide better flexibility and better foot feel. Some families choose solid wood flooring when choosing flooring materials because the shrinkage and thermal conductivity of solid wood flooring is better than stone flooring. Installing the keel during the laying process can maximize the advantages of solid wood flooring.

2. When installing solid wood flooring, the installed keel can play a role in preventing moisture. As we all know, solid wood flooring is more susceptible to moisture than stone flooring, and it affects the final use effect. After wetting, it will volatilize a musty smell, which not only seriously affects the appearance but also affects people's health. Therefore, the effect of installing the keel when laying solid wood flooring is still quite large.

3, in the laying of solid wood floors installed keel there is a role that is the construction, in the laying of wood flooring will not be so time-consuming and strenuous, and there can be applied to the keel to adjust the installation of the height difference, etc., problems can be timely It's good to make corrections. However, one thing to note is that when installing the keel, the keel must be dried. If the keel itself is not dry, it will affect the use of solid wood flooring. It will also cause dampness on the solid wood flooring. corrosion.

Keel size

1, solid wood floor keel standard size

There is no definite standard for the installation of keels on solid wood floors, but the current number used in the decoration process is 2.5*4 or 3*4 and the length is 2-4 meters.

2, the standard number of solid wood floor keel

The paving of the keel is a meticulous task. First, according to the direction and length of the paving, the keel should be laid so that the distance between each keel is not more than 30 mm. The ends of each floor are framed on the keel. At present, the standard number of solid wood floor keels still lacks uniform standards. Currently, the installation of solid wood floors is generally one meter of wood floors installed with 3-4 keels. In general, the width and width of a solid wood floor is 910 mm*120 mm. For a floor of this size, only three floor keels are required. However, if the four keels laid are relatively firm and firm, the foot feel will be harder. Not easily deformed.

Editor's summary: The role of the keel spacing and ground keel is introduced here, and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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