How to buy cabinets? Look at the experiences of these owners

How to buy cabinets? The cabinets only account for a small part of the whole house decoration, but due to the high utilization rate of the cabinets, the quality of the cabinets is very important for family life. If the choice of cabinets is not good, it will cause various problems such as the breakage of the countertops, the loss of paint on the door panels, and the poor opening and closing of cabinet doors. How to buy cabinets? What issues should you pay attention to when purchasing? Let me take a look at the following two owners' experiences and learn some lessons from it!

How to buy cabinets? Step by step is the trap is everywhere

My family is the cabinet set in "Euro X Classics". His family is called "Euro X", but this "Euro X" is not "Euro X". I clearly stated on the contract that the racks for the "Sakura Brand" should have no sign of "cherry blossom". They themselves said that they were acting for the cherry blossoms. They couldn't be wrong, but I didn't see quality. Also very poor. Because the day came again with a hood, and the scene was chaotic, I didn't pay any attention to research and hurriedly gave me money. I couldn't find it. The most important thing to say is the hinges in the cabinets of their homes. The quality is called once. Only after a few days the door is closed. It doesn't look like 1000-odd meters. Reminding the neighbors who want to order cabinets to pay attention to the fact that the young man who sells his goods was too “flicker” to verify the terms and conditions. For example, when the price was negotiated, he would not pay attention to the time he wrote the contract: “The countertop is high. 70 cm, you want to make it look like they are in their shop (that's 80 cm tall), OK, add money!

Bo X cabinet design their own things are not safe how to buy cabinets in the end?

The first is that the installation is not punctual, and finally they wait until their workers come. The original design had a place to live in. The workers said that the designer did not say anything to him. I called the designer. He called. I bought some parts for myself. I didn't make cabinets. How do I know what it was? Asked him where to buy him and didn't say anything. Asked him to think of a way but didn't want to, and his attitude was bad and he even said, "If you know You have done so many things, and you didn't get it for you at first." Everyone said what the designer was saying. You should be able to design this thing. It should be the most basic requirement. The X.K. The designer. In the end, they did not solve the problem. We bought a few angle irons to allow workers to install them. However, the results were poor and they were greatly discounted in appearance. The attitude of the designer before and after the delivery of the money is very great. After the customer pays the money, they treat themselves as God. Whatever they want them to have the final say, hope that the majority of customers do not eat me this loss, remember, remember!

Editor's note: "Technology" compares three cabinets

Consumers choose the cabinet company with better brand reputation and better reputation to design the cabinets, blindly looking for cheaper prices and choosing some weaker companies or self-employed individuals. If they just measure the size, they will start to design, often failing to design, resulting in use. Lack of functionality or inconvenience. After reading the experiences of the two owners, you should have some ideas on how to buy the cabinets!

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