Bonafontein teaches you how to absorb formaldehyde

After the home is finished, it will always smell a pungent smell. This is formaldehyde in the blame! In order to prevent our warm little family from having formaldehyde, we have tried every means, but it still takes a long time to have a taste. But secretly tell you! There are a lot of plants are in addition to the role of formaldehyde Oh ~ Today Bona Fontaine will share with you about it!

Good way to absorb formaldehyde, orchids have a hand


The leaves of the orchids are slender and soft, and have the reputation of “green purifiers”. They are suitable for absorbing formaldehyde in houses that have just been renovated.

1, spider plant

Characteristics: easy to breed, adaptable, one of the most traditional hanging plants in the living room. Its leaves are slender and soft, and small plants are planted from the leaf axils. The basins hang down, stretch and sag, like flowers, and evergreen.

Efficacy: It can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases in the room, and the ability to absorb formaldehyde is super strong. The general room raises 1~2 pots of spider orchids, and the toxic gas in the air can be absorbed. Therefore, the spider orchid has the reputation of “green purifier”.

2, tigertail orchid

Characteristics: the leaves are clustered, the flag leaves are just erect, the leaves are all rim, the surface is milky white, yellowish, dark green, with horizontal stripes. Common family potted varieties, resistant to drought, warm sunshine, also resistant to yin, avoid water sputum.

Efficacy: It can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases in the room, and the ability to absorb formaldehyde is super strong.


3, agave

Characteristics: Perennial evergreen plants, tall plants, leaf color grayish green or blue ash, thorns on the leaf margin, yellow-green flowers. It is warm and light-filled and has excellent drought tolerance.

Efficacy: This plant is also a good source of formaldehyde. It can also be used for wine making, and tequila made with it is very famous.


The above is the flower knowledge of formaldehyde absorption organized by Xiaobian. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of our website.

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