Summary of related knowledge of brassinolide

Brassinolide is a plant growth regulator . The previous article on the brassin has been introduced in many editions. In order to make the farmers' friends have a deeper understanding of Xiaobian, Xiaobian’s secrets from the bryophyte There are several aspects to the mixed secrets of brassinolide and pesticides. I hope to help you. Let's take a look at it.

The secret of the brassinolide

1. Brassinolide is used in front of fruit trees to promote early flowering and flowering of fruit trees and improve pollination rate.

2. In the flower bud period and two-thirds of the flower bud, and the use of the first physiological fruit drop, it can effectively solve the contradiction between the nutrient consumption of the fruit development and the flowering, reduce the flowering and fruit drop, and significantly increase the fruit setting rate of the fruit tree.

3, fruit tree young fruit swelling period spraying, can promote the formation of large fruit, reduce cracking, strengthen the tree body, reduce disease.

4, the color change period can be used to make the fruit coloring early and even, the peel is bright and bright, the fruit shape is beautiful, prevent the fruit before harvest, and reduce the pesticide residue.

Some plant growth regulating knots can be used together with other pesticides. Brassin is no exception. It can be better by mixing with other pesticides. Let's talk about how the brassinolide is related to other pesticides. Mixed.

Tips for mixing cannabinoids with pesticides:

1. Brassinolide is weakly acidic and can be mixed with neutral or weakly acidic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

1. After compounding with fertilizer and foliar fertilizer , the plant absorbs nutrients well and has quick effect. At the same time, it can reduce fertilizer damage, regulate nutrient balance, improve fertilizer efficiency and fruit commerciality.

Combined with fertilization and drip irrigation, the roots of the crops can be developed, the leaves are thick and thick, the green oil is bright, the stems are thick and strong, the fruit is swollen, the speed is fast, and the color is bright and the morning market is promoted.

Compounding with base fertilizer can reduce the absorption and utilization of fertilizer by roots, activate the demand of nutrients such as N, P and K by root cells, regulate nutrient balance and improve the resistance of roots.

Second, the following pesticides should not be mixed with brassene to prevent the reduction of drug efficacy or phytotoxicity:

1. Alkaline pesticides (stone sulphur mixture, Bordeaux mixture).

2. Paraquat herbicides such as paraquat.

3. Pre-emergence herbicide (acetochlor, metolachlor).

Notes on the use of brassin:

For the use of plant growth regulators, careful attention must be paid to their use concentration, strictly in accordance with the guidelines in the instruction manual. If the plant growth regulator is used as a general insecticidal fungicide and is used in a relatively large expansion, it is difficult to achieve the effect or purpose by using or increasing the amount of use. Reasonable and effective use of brassene, increase yield and quality.

2. Blending fungicides (including viral agents) can increase the immunity of plants, reduce the infection of pathogenic bacteria, enhance the disease resistance of plants, and increase the bactericidal function after compounding with fungicides, so that the fungicides will be used within two days. To the obvious effect, reduce the phytotoxicity of high active fungicides such as tebuconazole and prochloraz, the efficacy lasts for about 20 days, the efficacy is improved by 30-60%, and the dosage is reduced by more than 10%.

3. Compounding with insecticides Brassin can be used in combination with most insecticides, which not only broadens the spectrum, increases the efficacy, prevents the pesticide from causing phytotoxicity during use, and promotes the damage through the regulation of brassinolide. The plants quickly resumed growth.

4, with the seed coating agent at a low temperature still plays a regulatory role, can shorten the seed dormancy period, promote cell division, induce rooting, germination, resist the infestation of pathogenic bacteria, and make the seedlings robust.

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