Kindergarten interior decoration how to arrange? Kindergarten interior design considerations

Children are flowers that need to be doubled and are also the future of the country. Good education should start with children. Many parents send young children to kindergartens, not only learning knowledge, but also children's entertainment. How to arrange kindergarten interior decoration ? What needs to be noticed in kindergarten interior decoration design? Let's take a look together.

Kindergarten interior design considerations

1, design points

First of all, it is necessary to make a clear division of the entire park so that each district does not affect each other. It also facilitates the management of the management personnel and is conducive to the evacuation of traffic. It is necessary to explain here that it is forbidden to place children's living rooms in the basement or half. Basement, as much as possible to ensure that the indoor high net, not less than 2.80 meters, the sound and activity room is not less than 3.6 meters, and kitchen and bathroom hygiene is the most critical.

2, large toys

In general, kindergartens have a lot of toys, large and small models, and for the giant should be placed as much as possible outside, according to the size of the model to choose the right location, the bottom of the installation should be paved with soft rubber and plastic floor mats, often on the toy structure The firm performance is checked.

3, sports and leisure establishments

The scale of each kindergarten is different, then there will be a different layout. The details of the decoration in the garden include: 1The exterior decoration of the wall, mostly colored paint, murals, handicrafts, etc.;
2 Floor materials, generally tiles, wooden floors, floor mats, etc. These two parts are the main components of the kindergarten interior decoration. The arrangement is good to create a relaxed atmosphere suitable for teaching and entertainment.

4, campus greening

The last point is afforestation. Modern people pay special attention to health. Regardless of whether they are homes or places for work and study, with regard to greenery, a nursery should have professional green management personnel. Besides planting common plant flowers, some plants can also be planted. In non-sports venues, fruit trees play the role of kindergarten interior decoration on the one hand and air on the other.

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Kindergarten interior decoration

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