How to choose the living room rug carpet coffee table choose to remember 3 principles

The hall is where our family get together, and it is also the most intimate place in the home. If we choose a carpet for the lobby when we dress up in our homes, we can make our home feel very homey and the whole family is more comfortable and friendly when we chat and watch TV in the living room. However, the selection of carpets is also very particular. If you can coordinate with your home style, you can add beauty to your living room. Today Xiao Bian came to tell you about how to choose the living room carpet !

How to choose a living room rug 1

First of all, let's talk about color, we can choose the same or similar color of the sofa or a strong contrast, such as white + white, white + black, white + gray, green + light green, etc., similar colors can give us visual A transition to increase the spatial sense.

How to choose a living room carpet 2

If your sofa is against the wall, the size of the blanket can be smaller and can be placed directly on the coffee table so that there is some distance between the blanket and the sofa. The advantage of this placement is that it can visually make the lobby look more spacious. some.

How to choose a living room carpet 3

Now that we talk about dimensions, this is also a matter of stress. If your sofa does not face the wall, then the blanket must be large in size. It is best to “wrap” sofas, coffee tables, and other furniture so that the lobby can look even more airy.

How to choose a living room carpet 4

If your lobby layout is very simple, then you can pick a personalized blanket placed under the coffee table to embellish, such as bright colors, or ethnic customs, or geometric figures, so that the entire house lively.

Xiao Bian's words: When we choose, we should not only look at colors, patterns and styles, but should also focus on the choice of size. The size should be chosen based on the size and placement of the furniture. It is actually an ornament that can improve happiness. As long as you choose a good carpet, it can be your bed. Happiness can be so simple. The above is the knowledge of Xiaobian and everyone introduced how to choose the living room rugs , I hope you can help everyone.

How to choose a living room rug

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