Central South Diamond: The exciting movement of technological innovation is playing again

Abstract Zhongbing Red Arrow Zhongnan Diamond Company General Manager, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li Yushun Yin Jiaxu Chairman "Spring, Innovation is at the Time" and Chen Jianhua Chairman "Innovative Spring" two articles have been published, the repercussions caused by the South Central Diamonds for a long time, Inspire the Zhongnan people to drum up again...

Li Yushun, general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee of Zhongbing Red Arrow Zhongnan Diamond Company
Chairman Yin Jiaxu's "In the Spring, Innovation is at the Time" and Chen Jianhua's "Innovative Spring" two articles have been published, and the repercussions caused by diamonds in Central and South China have been incessant for a long time, inspiring the Central and South people to once again be full of scientific and technological innovation, not afraid of danger. , breaking the waves.

The ever-changing innovation of science and technology is never ending
"Only enterprising, so new." Science and technology innovation plays a leading and leading role in the development of enterprises. It is the core to accelerate the transformation of development mode, promote structural adjustment, and promote transformation and upgrading. It is to achieve the company's quality, efficiency and sustainability. The inevitable choice of development. "The world is martial arts, but it is not broken." The main reason for restricting the development of enterprises is the "short board". It is precisely the "long board" that determines the height of the enterprise. Chairman Yin Jiaxu pointed out: Whoever seizes the opportunity of innovation and development, and takes the initiative to drive the development of this step, who can grasp the strategic initiative and seize the commanding heights of development.
For more than a decade, Zhongnan Diamond has set aside the intrinsic needs of participating in market competition, continuously increasing investment in science and technology, giving full play to the driving and leading role of technological progress, actively promoting the integration of process technology and testing standards with international standards, and creating China's diamond synthetic powder. The new era of catalysts has established the position of Zhongnan Diamond in the technological innovation leader of the superhard materials industry. Despite the continuous weakening of the global super-hard materials market in recent years, the diamond and CBN market share continues to rank first in the world compared to other companies in the same industry. The technology and brand advantages are more stable, and the market position and voice further. Enhanced. In 2016, Zhongnan Diamond successfully entered the Chinese manufacturing single champion model enterprise; the two national standards presided over by the drafting were promulgated and implemented, which is a concrete manifestation and important achievement of the company's technological innovation capability in the field of superhard materials.
"The brighter people change from time to time, and the knowers follow the rules." Although Zhongnan Diamond has achieved self-transcendence through technological innovation, the long march of technological innovation has just begun. There is no rest in enterprise development, and deepening reform is always on the road. Technological innovation is an eternal theme. The continuous pursuit of material, cultural and spiritual life by human beings has continually set off new technological changes, constantly stimulating new industries, new formats and new models. In the face of ever-changing product iterations, industrial upgrading and changes in the competitive landscape, we have relied on scale expansion in the past. The path to achieve leap-forward growth is unsustainable. Under the “new normal”, upgrading through technological innovation and upgrading to quality and stable growth is the future direction. The market is fair to every enterprise. The difficulties and challenges are precisely the opportunities for development. The situation is complex and changeable, and the hero is true. Compared with the strategic goal of pursuing sustainable development, we have no reason to be complacent about yesterday's glory, to judge the situation, to keep pace with the times, to be self-pressurizing, to innovate in science and technology, to reshape the new dynamics of the company as soon as possible, and to become our consensus and conscious action. . If you don’t “change your strain”, “do not change, don’t respond, don’t change, don’t change quickly”, you will fall into strategic passiveness. It should be noted that there are still many weak links in technological innovation: for example, the market demand-oriented R&D selection is not accurate enough, the high-level leading talents are lacking, and the innovative methods and methods still need to be superimposed to break through the core of the industry's high-end value chain. Insufficient technology, the deep-level institutional and institutional barriers that restrict innovation still exist, and the compensation policies and assessment mechanisms that stimulate scientific and technological innovation need to be further improved. The spring call of Chairman Yin Jiaxu and Chairman Chen Jianhua coincides with the moment, which will inspire Zhongnan Diamonds to face difficulties and make progress.

Adhere to two-wheel drive to stimulate innovation
For the development of South-Central diamonds, we must adhere to the principle of “eat technology rice” and innovate the future with scientific and technological progress. We must "adjust the structure, maintain the status, go to the production capacity, reduce the cost, reduce the two gold, control the risk", and urgently need scientific and technological innovation to foster new driving force to support and promote; we must " firmly occupy the leading position in the super-hard materials industry", urgently We need scientific and technological innovation to break through key technological constraints; we must "plan the global market with an international vision" and urgently need to seize the frontier highlands through scientific and technological progress. We must "achieve customers, return shareholders, and benefit employees" and must rely on technological innovation to provide strong protection.
“Innovation drives development, and reform drives innovation.” For Zhongnan Diamonds, it is necessary for scientific and technological talents to truly concentrate on scientific research, so that scientific and technological achievements will no longer become the “sleeping beauty” of the high-profile, first of all, to cultivate innovative consciousness, enhance scientific literacy, and stimulate innovation. The key to the improvement of scientific research conditions is to accelerate the establishment of a set of incentive mechanisms that respect knowledge, respect innovation, respect talents, and embody value creation, so that the vitality and power of technological innovation can compete.
Scientific and technological innovation is the current realistic need to solve the difficulties and contradictions of China-South Africa diamonds. At the same time, it is always firmly grasping the initiative of development and realizing the strategic choice of “long-term success”. The situation is good, the attack is outside, the market is poor, and the internal strength is practiced. We should focus on the requirements of “breaking through the core key, filling the short-term weaknesses and laying the foundation for future development”, aiming at the development of key products for super-hard materials, reforming the system and mechanism that drives technological innovation, strengthening foreign cooperation, enhancing endogenous power, and strengthening technology accumulation. To comprehensively enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, strive to achieve breakthroughs in core key technologies and processes, seize the high-end value chain of the industry, and strive to dominate industry standards and game rules.
First, we must give full play to the advantages of national-level technology centers, continuously improve the construction of innovation systems, further improve scientific research methods and scientific research conditions, accelerate the improvement of the level of research and development software and hardware capabilities, and prospectively plan the implementation of R&D center fundraising projects, systematically promote technology. Innovation drive engineering.
The second is to inspire talents to innovate and put talents in a more important and priority position for technological innovation, so that the company develops “having vitality, potential and future”. Further improve the introduction and use of leading talents in super-hard materials, increase the training of young talents, and inspire innovative talents. Vigorously advocate the style of pioneering and daring, creating a culture of respecting knowledge, respecting innovation and respecting talents, encouraging innovation, and failing to tolerate, making scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthroughs a spiritual pursuit of researchers.
Third, we must continue to improve the person in charge of scientific research projects. Under the premise that the company fully grasps the direction of scientific research, the project leader is no longer solely headed by the company. Researchers can freely combine and independently declare scientific research projects and encourage different types of foreign cooperation. the study. How much ability and ambition a researcher has, the company will strive to provide much platform and space. The person in charge of the project has the right to independently organize the scientific research and experiments of the projects undertaken by the project, and the resources of the company are given priority to the allocation of scientific research and development projects.
Fourth, we must improve the compensation and incentive mechanism that reflects value creation, improve the evaluation and evaluation system of legal compliance, scientific justice, and clear responsibilities. On the basis of adhering to the project responsibility system, we should explore and improve the system of “base salary + project allowance” and explore Try new incentive models such as “base salary + profit commission” to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, prevent scientific research results and market and benefits, and let innovative talents who create value gain honor, be respected, and reward, fame and fortune Double income.

Scientific spirit, bounded science and technology innovation, no end
In the world of technological innovation, all inherent cognition can be broken, and all traditional stereotypes can be eliminated. Dare to dare to try, dare to be first, dare to imagine, dare to be jealous, in order to promote the sail of technological innovation. If you want to think about what the predecessors did, it is meant to break the set and break through the tradition. Scientific and technological innovation is not a "high spring and white snow", and technological innovation is around us. Subversion is innovation, improvement is innovation, and innovation is in the process of solving various problems.
However, technological innovation is not arbitrary. The real source of technological innovation is to understand the potential needs of human beings and to control nature in accordance with philosophical thinking and scientific methods. Therefore, technological innovation has rules to follow. Scientific and technological innovation needs to cultivate innovative talents with scientific literacy and carry forward the spirit of science and craftsmanship. Therefore, the important task of promoting technological innovation is to transform the technology team into a “learning organization”.
The scientific spirit is a concentrated summary of "seeking truth and pragmatic spirit, rational thinking spirit, doubt critical spirit, pioneering and innovative spirit". The basic requirements are practical, rational and rigorous. The core essence is truth-seeking, innovation and dedication. The spirit of craftsmanship is the inheritance and inheritance of "excellence in work, craftsmanship in the heart, and product in the line". The basic connotation is to love and work hard, study hard, pursue the ultimate, and enjoy it. Among them, "excellence in work" is "excellence, meticulousness, perfection", "artisan in the heart" is "patience, focus, persistence", "goods in the line" is "the collection of things in the same way, the combination of technology, dedication and love." The spirit of science and the spirit of artisans are by no means the shackles that constrain the innovation of science and technology. On the contrary, they are the basic follow-up to promote technological innovation and the spiritual source of all innovation and creation. It can be said that advocating the spirit of science and the spirit of craftsmen is to advocate scientific and technological innovation, and insist on building a scientific and technological team into a learning team that constantly "self-transcends", that is, to promote technological innovation. Facing the world, facing the market, facing the future, the fertile soil of “highly loyal to weapons, hard research on technology, and excellence in work” will take the “uphill road” of scientific and technological progress and create a beautiful “world-class super hard material industry base”. The vision will truly become a lively and practical practice.
In the spring, the thrill of science and technology innovation is playing again!
2017, let us respond to the call of leading comrades such as Yin Jiaxu and Chen Jianhua with practical actions, uphold perseverance, patience, meticulousness and ingenuity, carry forward the enterprise spirit of “realism, innovation and openness” and the red culture of “dedicating everything to the party”. Bringing up technological innovations, putting users' expectations on the ground, and letting the company develop "the future."

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