Nano-scale structure control and thermal conductivity polymer materials

Application of new materials, new materials, and cutting-edge technologies Under conditions of mmm, it is possible to maintain a high elastic modulus, and because it does not contain halogen-based flame retardants, it is an environmentally friendly wire coating material.

(Translated by Zhao Huiying) Disease f Intercalation/Shearing/Gel Mixing Machine/Generation Nanocomposite Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymer/Kaolin (Clay) System Successfully Fabricated by Solid Phase Shear Mixing Nanocomposites. Found in the EVA melting point above the temperature profile of the gas structure and the thermal conductivity of the polymer material bookmark1 This technology is under strong magnetic field conditions. The nanoscale structure of the liquid crystalline polymer is oriented. A polymer whose thermal conductivity was significantly improved in the direction of its orientation (more than six times higher than that in the prior art) was obtained. This technology is applicable to polymer materials such as thermoplastic resins and thermosetting resins. In order to prevent the concentration of heat in the device, it is desirable to be able to use it on a semiconductor or a multi-mode machine that can increase heat generation.

(Translated by Zhao Huiying) Buehrig said that Vitiva resin has been designed for flexibility in exposure to sunlight, creating a unique shape and translucent color while utilizing color shading. Bottles and containers prepared with Vitita are said to block all UV light in the wavelength range of 320-370 nm. Vitita can proportionally blow 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 bottles. UV absorbers also do not fold out of the mold or dryer to form deposits. New resins can also be molded directly using existing standard PET processing techniques without the need for equipment modifications.

(Translated by Huang Yupeng) New types of PET resins that incorporate UV absorbers into polymer chains by chemical means can be foods and beverages. cosmetic. Personal hygiene products. Household items and pharmaceutical packaging provide UV (UV) light protection. It can protect the taste of the user's package. Vitamins and nutrition, keep the color of the original items. Eastman Chemical Company's Voridian Corporation launched a new PET resin, VitivaPETPC715, that contains FDA-approved UV absorbers while still providing crystalline clarity for PET resins.

According to Lavonna Buehrig, director of North American marketing at the Voridian branch, the odor and subtle taste and sweetness can be affected by the sunlight or even the fluorescence that causes fermentation. Since many PET bottles are transported in clear films rather than cardboard, exposure to sunlight is normal, so Buehrig says that only four hours are required to produce noticeable changes.

SINOFUJI Bushing Cover For Electrical Clamps is the wire clip insulation protective cover relating to the technical field of power equipment. It is mainly composed of a cover body and a lock. The cover body is made of insulating material. The cover body is integrally connected by the wire clip cover body and the cylindrical cover head. The cover body is longitudinal There is an opening, the inner cavity of the wire clip cover is adapted to the shape of the wire clip, the top of the wire clip cover is provided with a wire inlet, the longitudinal opening of the cover is provided with a locking edge, and the locking edge is connected by a number of locks to help power maintenance personnel Find the abnormality of the circuit in time, eliminate hidden dangers beforehand, greatly facilitate the maintenance and repair of the wire clamps by the power maintenance personnel, and improve the safety of the power transformer.

SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Electrical Clamps 1

SINOFUJI Bushing Cover For Electrical Clamps

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