Saint-Gobain Abrasives China's first "painted EHS" pictorial competition: environment, health and safety

Abstract "EHS" is an abbreviation of Environment, Health and Safety. Its concept is an important part of Saint-Gobain culture. Every employee of Mobao Company...
“EHS” is an acronym for Environment, Health and Safety, and its philosophy is an important part of the Saint-Gobain culture. Every employee of Mobo Company must always bear in mind and promise to achieve the goals of the Saint-Gobain Environmental, Health and Safety Charter: zero work accidents, zero occupational diseases, zero environmental accidents and minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities.

In this activity, the colleagues of Mobao have a sense of creativity and unlimited creativity. More than 130 people have painted the “environment, health and safety” in their eyes or hearts. After a fierce and open online voting, 21 of the most popular "EHS" pictorials have been selected, and the following works will be given to you by some of the best works:
These creative inspirations of Mobao colleagues are derived from the usual work and life. The concept of “environment, health and safety” has penetrated into the minds of Saint-Gobain abrasives. Saint-Gobain believes that only as a caring employee, focusing on production safety and adhering to the concept of sustainable development, can we continue to bring higher quality, more valuable and more innovative products to our customers. Saint-Gobain Abrasives is always your reliable business partner!

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