Talking about the future development direction of smart home products

The market share of smart home products is much higher than that of the entire smart home system, and the products are often more acceptable to the audience than the entire system. With the development of smart home industry, smart home products are getting better and better, and smart technology is more reflected. What is the future development of smart home products? In fact, its products have already been reflected.

The future development of smart home products, the general direction in these five aspects:


Security is the core to promote the widespread use of smart home product systems. The key to the use of security control in smart homes is accurate identification, real-time prompting, and a variety of auxiliary functions. At present, intelligent monitoring technology mainly includes identification, trajectory identification, and environmental judgment compensation identification. At present, many intelligent monitoring devices are still difficult to adapt to the changing external environment adjustment, and the light, temperature, and image matching degree all affect the judgment effect. Therefore, it is very important to realize the automatic analysis of image information through artificial intelligence image recognition technology in the future.

Smart home

Energy saving

Energy-saving is the fundamental to improve the efficiency of smart home products. Reducing energy consumption and reducing the cost of use are an important factor for mass consumers to adopt smart home products systems.


Personalized service meets specific usage habits and preferences of individuals, and provides users with matching service content and service time, which is the key to improving user's stickiness.


Entertainment meets the diversified requirements of users for smart home products. In addition to achieving security control and energy consumption adjustment, smart home products in the future need to have more entertaining functions. In order to automatically identify and control diversified intelligent products through a single medium, the user's personalized needs can be met, so that it can meet the smart home usage scenarios of customized management, and help users to quickly and easily launch smart entertainment devices and systems.


Eco-service is the guarantee for the interconnection and intercommunication of smart home products. The core of the development of smart home ecology is to provide users with convenient, simple and situation-oriented products and services. Among them, improving the compatibility between smart home products is the basis for achieving interconnection; establishing an open platform is the primary measure to expand the smart home ecosystem.

Safety, energy saving, personalization, entertainment, and ecologicalization are important directions for the development of smart home products in the future. With the advancement of smart technology, smart home products will be closer to life and more difficult to meet the needs of consumers.

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Although the word flange generally refers to the actual raised rim or lip of a fitting, many flanged plumbing fittings are themselves known as 'flanges':

There are many different flange standards to be found worldwide. To allow easy functionality and interchangeability, these are designed to have standardised dimensions. Common world standards include ASA/ASME (USA), PN/DIN (European), BS10 (British/Australian), and JIS/KS (Japanese/Korean). In the USA, ANSI stopped publishing B16.5 in 1996, and the standard is ASME B16.5

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