High Shield Smart Lock Eight Features

A lock bears the understanding and expectation of millions of households for life; a good lock that assumes family safety does not reflect the master's taste and pursuit of life. Use "smart casting a lock and use "core" to guard a home. High shield smart lock gives you a different life experience, allowing you to go out safely and go home.

With the increase in the frequency of fingerprint locks in TV shows and other videos, people are also interested in smart locks. As a result, the sales volume of the smart lock market has continued to increase. According to the survey, the proportion of young people after 80 is relatively high. I think the reason why fingerprint locks are so loved by young people, summed up is nothing more than three reasons: First, fashion, but convenient, and third, security. Here we introduce a high shield fingerprint smart lock.


High shield smart lock features:

1. Pure stainless steel anti-theft door locks, universal size of the national standard

Stainless stell mortise,National standard dimension

2, pure stainless steel lock plate and handle, durable

Stailnless Steel panels and handles,staudy and durable

3, the world's leading semiconductor leather living fingerprint collection

Semiconductor acquisition fingerprint

4, intelligent voice navigation

Intelliget boice guidance function

5, high-intensity touch screen, anti-theft password password input function

High frequency password screen, with anti-peeking password inputting function

6, spare mechanical lock core using super-B blade lock cylinder

Spare mechanical key with ultra blockcore

7, humanized LED LCD display

Humanization LEDscreen

8, multi-user management, built-in unlock record

Multi-management with unlock record

Today, high-tech continues to develop and innovate. Smart homes have been mentioned by people who have not been mentioned until now. This shows that the development of the smart home industry has become inevitable. Followed by more and more smart products. High shield smart lock for the study of fingerprint history for more than 10 years, said listed research and development patents. Relatively good quality is no problem.

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