How about Haier intelligent door lock? What are the advantages?

The era of intelligence is approaching. The emergence of various intelligent products has improved the quality of our lives. Smart door locks are among the most mature ones. Smart door locks replace traditional door locks to make our home safer. The following Xiaobian introduced Haier smart door locks for everyone.

How about Haier intelligent door lock?

1, Haier intelligent door lock technology advanced

Using bank-specific (Swedish FPC) live fingerprint reader, the world's top living organisms (fingerprints) recognition, 0.5 seconds touch-on time, the reliability verification of 135 global brand banks. Reading and control circuit split design, two main boards, dual systems, control board rear, safe use guaranteed, ensure door control security. IP55 protection, all-weather waterproof and dustproof, fear of rain and snow weather.


2, Haier intelligent door lock safety

Zinc alloy one-piece die-casting of the shell resists super impact and destructive forces, prevents the entire panel from breaking, and is as strong as one. Panel tamper alarm, bolt position alarm, bolt imported pure 304 stainless steel overall casting. Anti-locking anti-theft lock tongues are safer, more durable, easier to install, and more adaptable to the seams. Leading new super-B-level ferrule electronic locks, to the Ministry of Public Security ultra-high-level security testing standards, security and more security protection, technology or technology to unlock more than 270 minutes. The lock cylinder is placed inside the lock body, even if the panel is damaged, it will not affect the anti-theft performance of the lock body.

3, Haier intelligent door lock convenient and reliable

Fingerprints, passwords, and sensors can be unlocked in various ways to eliminate the risk of key-in and key-loss. You only need to take a fingerprint. Handle left and right are interchangeable, the operation is simple, and there is no need to worry about opening the door. Permanent reset stress The bearing's anti-twist ability doubles up to 30W times for door opening operation. Built-in doorbell function eliminates the need for independent installation by the user.


4, Haier intelligent door lock operation is simple

The old door is replaced with a new lock, which can be exchanged in only five minutes. The national standard lock body and 90% security door are easy to install. OLED large screen display, mobile phone interface, simple and convenient operation, powerful. Intelligent voice navigation, the system setting operation is simple and convenient.

The above is the advantage of Haier intelligent door locks summarized by Xiao Bian. It can be seen that Haier smart door locks are good ones in smart door lock products, and Haier, as an internationally renowned brand, is also very reliable!

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