Germanium Shower Head/ Handle Shower Head

  • Model NO.: sheenzi
  • Type: Hand Shower
  • Specification: ce
  • Water Outlet: rainfall
  • Trademark: sheenzi or oem
  • Origin: Guangzhou, China
Smooth the skin and the moisten the hair

Characteristics of the Germanium

The discomfort of the body is caused by too many positive electrons in the physiological current of the human body which result in the disorder of the physiological current. The germanium can release negative electrons to neutralize the positive electrons once the temperature is above 32.

Thus it is the best choice in balancing the positive and negative electrons in the human body.


Germanium has the characteristic to release negative electrons to neutralize the excrescent dirty positive electrons when the temperature exceeds 32.


It is kind of mineral with a slight electronic current. It is said that it can produce negative ions and infrared rays.

Medical stone

It is kind of mineral functioning as an air clarification, which absorbs the harmful substances in the air to reach the effect of deodorization

Far infrared ray

The far infrared ray

The far infrared ray features keeping warm inside of the organisms.


Because of the water trial inspection in the factory before delivery, water drops may exist within the body. But it will not do any harm to the other product quality.

Please know it beforehand, the hot water remains after showering may be used for cleaning, otherwise be utilized together with the bathe cleanser.

Beauty Salon Fume Extractor

Features of Beauty Salon Fume Extractor:
1. Appearance and structure: The appearance is simple and elegant, stable and elegant. The integrated design of the fuselage adopts a metal frame structure and high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying process, which is durable. The stainless steel brushed panel is more classic and delicate, refreshing! Both sides are equipped with concave high-quality plastic handles, which have a delicate touch, are stable and reliable, and are easy to carry. The unique curve design of the flange, combined with the rigid structure of the chassis, shows the delicate and elegant. Install humanized stepless speed regulator, can adjust the air volume and suction size at will. The product is compact and does not need to be installed, which is conducive to clean and beautiful working space and easy to move.
2. Fan: DC brushless motor with foreign technology, built-in controller, performance and quality are more guaranteed. Stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption and long working time. No regular maintenance is required, and the cost is lower. The wind wheel adopts vortex backward design and special alloy material to effectively prevent the wind wheel from being corroded. The unique dynamic balance correction technology makes the wind wheel run more smoothly and reliably. High air volume, large suction, and faster filtration rate.
3. Filtration system: adopts triple filtration design. Filter layer by layer to ensure that harmful fumes are filtered out more thoroughly. The purification rate can reach 99.97%. Modular design, layer by layer protection. The elementary, middle and high efficiency can be replaced separately, the filter element has longer service life and lower cost. The unique internal sealing structure, coupled with special sealing materials, allows harmful gases to pass through the filtration system, and the filtration efficiency is higher. Built-in circulating air filtration method, to avoid indoor air/heater out of the room, without damaging the temperature and humidity environment of the operating area.

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